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Equine Services Roadster Cup and Equine Roadster Pony Cup

Just a reminder to all Road Horse and Road Pony exhibitors you still have time to nominate your horses and ponies to the point incentive program. There are 39 horses shows all over the US signed up to host these point incentive classes! The 2010 prize money for the Road Horse division will be an excess of $25,000 or more...The Roadster Pony Cup will have a prize amount of $10,000 or more! The final Championship Classes will be held at the Kentucky Fall Classic Horse Show in October. Horses and Ponies will be showing for double points in the final Championship class.

List of participating shows:

Tampa, IASHA Spring Premier, Raleigh Spring Premier, Pro Am, Kentucky Spring Premier, J.D. Massey, River Ridge Charity, Raleigh International, UPHA Chapter 14 Spring Premiere, KASPHA May Classic, Heartland Classic, Bonnie Blue National, Burlington Spring, ARHPA Horse Show, Delaware Riding Club, Indianapolis Charity, Germantown Charity, Rock Creek, Midwest Charity, Syracuse International, Bourbon County Fair, Lawrenceburg, Shelby County Fair, Twin Rivers, Owingsville Lions, Lexington Junior League, Franklin County Fair, Ohio State Fair, Children’s Benefit, Asheville Invitational, Mercer County Fair, Blue Ridge Classic, Shelbyville, Boone County Fair, All American Classic, Southeastern Charity, Eastern States, Kentucky Fall Classic, and Carolina Classic.

So please join us for the 2010 ESRC and ERPC and nominate your horse, ponies and shows to this point incentive program with big money involved! For further information on rules, eligibility and horse show forms please visit our web site at or contact Holly Russell at 937-215-4192.

Many Thanks to Dr Bennett and Equine Services for his generous donation and making this program possible. Thanks also to Walsh Harness for helping make this event even bigger! Walsh has generously donated a set of Road Horse Harness and set of Road Pony Harness. Please visit for all your horse needs.

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