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Equine Obituary - Tsjalling

On May 6, 2004, a freak and tragic accident claimed the life of the Friesian gelding Tsjalling. During his daily exercise and play time, he leaped through the air, coming down badly on his left front leg, shattering his pastern bone.

Purchased by Karl Hirschhorn in December from Henswoude in Holland, "Cesar" as he was so fondly known was gelded and imported to the United States. His job was to be a walk and trot mount for the Hirschhorn girls, Heather, Hannah and Haley. Cesar took to this job with kindness and seriousness of a horse much older than he. His debut with Hannah at the Monterey Springfest Horse Show caused quite a stir among the fairgrounds. Heather and Haley had practice rides on him as well that week and so commonly heard was "Did you see the little girls on the Friesian?"

Cesar will be missed by everyone at Dixon Stable. He was truly a gentle giant, noble and gallant in all that he did.

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