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Equine Obituary, Robin ut de Warren

There have been few show horses that have captured the hearts of spectators like the the gentle, black giant Robin ut de Warren. The striking Friesian loved, trained and owned by Jannie Giles unexpectedly died from complications due to colic this past week at home in California. “He had a touch of colic in the morning and we had the vet out. It didn’t appear to be a big problem,” said Giles’ partner Pete Fenton. “Later he took a turn for the worse and we lost him while they were prepping him for surgery.” For many years Robin was a household name in New England defeating world’s champions from the Saddlebred and Morgan worlds in open competition. He retired trophy after trophy at the Northeast shows and soon became a legend at the Deerfield, N.H., fairgrounds. When Giles and Fenton moved to the west coast, Robin was soon a star there as well. His last show was Santa Barbara where he won the Friesian Under Saddle Stallion/Gelding class for the second consecutive year. According to Fenton, Robin was slated for one last show before enjoying a life of retirement. “Jannie was going to take him to that new Friesian National Championships,” said Fenton. “It was going to be his last show.” A complete tribute to the life of Robin ut de Warren will appear in an upcoming issue of Saddle Horse Report.

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