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Equine Obituary - Essex Adaire

The Chrislar Family is sad to report the loss of Essex Adaire (Aristocratic Aire x Essex Reata Darling) who simply just passed away in her paddock without illness or warning on January 26, 2011. Dr. Helen Noble suggests that she may have suffered a heart attack or an aneurysm of some kind. "Addie" was owned by Gaetana D'Alesio-Spina since April 2001 when she was purchased as Gaetana's Saddle Seat Walk-Trot Show Horse. "Addie" enjoyed a great show career as part of the Chrislar Farm show string with three junior exhibitor riders. She was show first by Sarah Merrill (now Gove) in the Park Saddle and Pleasure Division from 1997-1999. "Addie" was then acquired by Chrislar rider Jessie Fejes, who rode in the Walk-Trot division and moved up into Junior Exhibitor and Equitation 13 & under divisions, from 1999-2001. In 2001 Gaetana D'Alesio-Spina purchased this talented mare as her Saddle Seat Walk-Trot Pleasure and Equitation mount and owned "Addie" until her death at the age of 17 years. The Chrislar Family feels the loss of "Miss Adeline".

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