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Equine Fiesta at Timbermist Farm

May 6, 2006, Timbermist Farm and the Mid-America Saddlebred Horse Club put on an overwhelmingly successful Saddlebred promotion at the Timbermist Farm owned by Chuck and Jackie Browning, Pleasant Hill, Mo. The Equine Fiesta was done in conjunction with Cinco de Mayo and sported a Mexican theme. Advertising was done in the neighborhood and Kansas City newspapers, and announced on the radio station, 94 Country, by a riding student of Timbermist’s who also happens to be a DJ. The response was gratifying. Over 300 people attended. Many were families in the community who came out to see “The Horse America Made,” along with a large contingency of the Kansas City area’s Saddlebred community.

The evening began with catered Mexican appetizers and a mariachi band. People were allowed in the stable area, which was presented with lights on the outside of each stall and Boston ferns hanging festively above the stalls. Booths were set up in the center of the arena promoting the American Saddlebred and the Mid-America Saddlebred Horse Club. Mid-America had their youth members manning a booth to promote membership in the organization. Kiley Lawrence and Brooke Bowen reported many new young members signing on. The American Saddlebred display booth was a popular place and literature went home with many new horse enthusiasts.

After the crowd had a chance to enjoy the delicious food and great music, Announcer Shannon Kraenbuhl directed the attendees to the center of the arena in preparation for the exciting exhibition planned for them. Fourteen horses and ponies were presented, beginning with a bold Confederate War reenactment presented on the Saddlebred, Festive’s Prairie Rose by Randy Garrett. The pace changed to a quiet family-type Saddlebred, Coppertop presented by Pam Malunchuck.

Tina English-Wendt and Chuck Browning, trainers at Timbermist, and Greg Haston, owner and trainer for Touchstone Farm, readied and presented horses and riders as if the event was a horse show. Catherine Kraenbuhl presented her beautiful gray Rose Of Windhaven, many time hunter champion, in traditional hunt attire. Libby Lunn exhibited her juvenile show pleasure gelding I’ll Tell You What to the delight of the crowd. Greg Haston brought in the newly trimmed So Stylish who exhibited the extreme motion and refinement of the three-gaited horse.

Next, Jessica Randall showed off the gorgeous Go Big Blue in fine harness. His blonde mane and tail and fine harness trot wowed the crowd. The spectators really got going when Greg Haston thundered in on Kathy Reiber’s Fresian, Oeds Fan’t Lommerhof. His power literally was felt by all as he trotted and cantered around the arena to the delight of the crowd.

Eight-year-old Haley Burdick proved to everyone that the Saddlebred is indeed appropriate for young children as she guided the long-necked, black ten and under equitation gelding Pretzel around the ring. Jessica Randall presented the 2005 AHHS Youth Medallion Pleasure Pony Under Saddle National Champion, Forecaster’s Penny.

The five-gaited veteran Cruisin On By and Laura Logan showed everyone what a five-gaited horse is all about. They trotted and racked around the ring with perfection and the crowd joined in with whoops and hollers.

Timbermist displayed to the people how it all begins by presenting some of their academy riders, starting with seven-year-old Ally Evans on the academy mount White Cloud, with instructor Tina English-Wendt leading. Adult rider Konnie Taylor on Magic and juvenile riders Ellise Schaaf on White Cloud and Gionvanna Battaglia on Whosey demonstrated skills learned in Timbermist’s riding academy.

Jessica Randall changed the pace when she flew into the ring with the 2005 AHHS Youth Medallion Roadster Pony National Champion, Heartland Sweet Lady. The two raced around the ring in good form to the delight of all. To finalize the presentation, Jan Burden presented her gorgeous stallion Unlisted to the oohs and ahs of the crowds. People could not stop looking at this beautiful example of an American Saddlebred.

After the presentation, more than 50 youngsters got to ride a horse led by the young riders of Timbermist Farm. The children were delighted to get to experience the fun of actually being on a horse. This successful event exemplifies what can be done to promote and get newcomers into the breed.

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