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Equine Enthusiasts Across the US Show Generosity

Lexington, KY – People from across the United States have responded generously to the needs of horses affected by the recent Texas hurricanes. On September 22, 2008, the Kentucky Horse Council established an online donation process to assist horse owners in Texas provide feed for their horses.  Horse lovers from numerous states responded generously and within eight days, almost $5,000 had been raised.  After the first $1,000.00 came in, the Kentucky Horse Council’s Executive Director, Ginny Grulke, contacted Winnie Farm & Ranch Supply, LLC in Winnie, TX, to purchase feed and arrange for its delivery. In Texas, horse owners are working to rebuild barns and fencing, clean out debris left by the flooding, and dry out storage areas. 

Madelyn Millard, President of the KHC Board, commented, "The horse community is a very close knit group. We are concerned about all horses’ welfare, whether they are Kentucky horses or horses across the country.  The Kentucky Horse Council is honored to be in a position to channel this generosity to those horses who have suffered a disaster such as Hurricane Ike."

The Kentucky Horse Council continues to monitor the need in Texas and will respond accordingly. Any un-used donations will be transferred into a special SoHo (Save Our Horses) fund dedicated to responding to disasters where horses need assistance, whether flood, fire or hurricanes. 100% of funds donated to this fund go to benefit horses. The Kentucky Horse Council underwrites all administrative costs.

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