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Equestrian Land Conservation Group will Move National Headquarters to KHP

LEXINGTON, KY -- Loss of open land has been identified as the greatest threat to the future of all equestrian sport, recreation, and industry.  

The Equestrian Land Conservation Resource (ELCR), which is dedicated to promoting access to – and conservation of – land for equestrian use, has announced that it will move its national headquarters to the
Kentucky Horse Park.  They will also hire a new CEO.

By educating horse people and encouraging partnerships with conservationists and other user groups at the local level, the ELCR is mobilizing thousands of equestrians to work for land access and protection in their communities.  

Horse Park executive director, John Nicholson, stated “Being good stewards of horses also requires that we be good stewards of the land.  We welcome the ELCR as the 30th member of our National Horse Center here at the Kentucky Horse Park and look forward to the ideas and passion they will bring.  Their mission to protect the land is a perfect complement to all of our organizations.”

“These changes will increase the ELCR’s effectiveness in helping horse owners, equestrian organizations and conservation partners protect equine access all around the
United States,” said ELCR President, Georgiana McCabe.  She continued, “We’ll open our new headquarters in the National Horse Center at the Kentucky Horse Park in April, adjacent to the United States Pony Clubs (USPC) and next door to the United States Equestrian Federation.”


The location is important because in July, the USEF’s Board of Directors passed a joint resolution that states: “The loss of land and access to land for equestrian use is a great and urgent threat to every horse-related activity, industry and sport.  USEF recognizes the importance of the Equestrian Land Conservation Resource’s work and hereby resolves to explore ways in which the two organizations can work together to inform and assist USEF’s members in the preservation of competition venues and necessary land for training and keeping horses.”


According to McCabe, “We expect that moving to the Kentucky Horse Park will tremendously facilitate our ability to communicate and establish partnerships with the all of the equestrian organizations which have their offices there, especially with the USEF and the USPC.”


To staff the new headquarters, the ELCR officers have initiated a search for a new chief executive officer.  Kandee Haertel, the ELCR’s executive director since 2000, has decided to remain in Illinois rather than move to Kentucky.


For a complete description of the CEO’s responsibilities and qualifications, or to learn more about the ELCR, go to


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