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EPONA Surprised With Life Changing Renovation

Epping, NH – E.P.O.N.A. (Equine Protection of North America), a non-profit, 501(c)(3) rescue and rehabilitation facility for abused and neglected horses, was surprised on October 13th, 2009 by Jill Sullivan Grueter, host of Project Pawsitive, a new reality-based television show geared at providing eco-friendly renovations to deserving animal rescues in need, and a parade of local volunteers being led into the barn by police escort, with a renovation to E.P.O.N.A.’s aging facility worth $30,000. E.P.O.N.A. is home to 14 horses rescued from slaughter, euthanasia, foreclosure or abuse.

"Project Pawsitive was searching for a home grown animal rescue in need when we came upon E.P.O.N.A.," said Jill Sullivan Grueter, host of Project Pawsitive. "After visiting E.P.O.N.A., I was impressed by the level of care and compassion for these abandoned and abused horses. It is our hope that Project Pawsitive will create awareness and inspire viewers to make these sometimes small but life-altering changes for these animals."

E.P.O.N.A.’s facility had been facing hardships over the past few years due to an aging facility and limited funds and lack of man power to make the necessary repairs. Winters had been especially hard for the barn. Heaters in the water troughs located in the paddocks worked sporadically, causing the water in them to freeze over almost daily. With no water pumps out in the paddocks, buckets had to be dragged down by sleds over the icy and snowy terrain several times a day. When the snow would melt, or when it rained, the aging roof would begin to leak. Tarps strategically located throughout the barn were used to keep horses, grooming materials and hay alike dry when this would occur.

The crew of nearly 90 volunteers will be working on the E.P.O.N.A. facility for the duration of the week. Renovations include repairs to the leaking roof, running power and water out to the paddocks, repairs to the fence line, expansion of the grain room and leveling out the stall floors.

"We were giving them the best care we possibly could with what we had," said Melissa Coe, President of E.P.O.N.A., "and now we’re able to give them the best care, thanks to these generously donated renovations."

The Home Depot Foundations’ Team Depot, led by Regional Team Depot Manager Renee Mattee,  is donating all materials for the week-long renovation, as well as nearly 70 Home Depot volunteers to kick off the event. Other local volunteers, like JB Byrne, Master Carpenter of Celtic Design Build, LLC of Dover, NH, Greg Davis, Owner of Davis Landscaping Construction of Epping, NH and Scott Stone Construction of Amesbury, MA, are also donating their time to provide much-needed repairs to the rescue’s aging facility.

While the generous donations made by Project Pawsitive and The Home Depot Foundation will go along way in helping E.P.O.N.A. to achieve their goals of rescue and rehabilitation for abused and neglected horses, it is the continuous support of the community that will help E.P.O.N.A. further their goal in the years to come. Click here to find a wish list of the most needed items by the barn. To find out how to volunteer at E.P.O.N.A., please visit our online volunteer page for more information.

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