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Enhancements for 2015 Grand National Announced

The Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show® is pleased to announce several enhancements for the 2015 show.

Each year, the Grand National strives to be better than the last. After each show, the show committee reviews all parts of the show. A valuable part of this process is reading feedback from our attendees.

It is never possible to please everyone, but we do make an effort to do our best. The show committee recently met, discussed, and approved the following updates that will be outlined in the upcoming prize list:


In November, a group of exhibitors presented a proposal to the committee for the strengthening of qualification requirements at the Grand National. The thought behind this proposal was to help increase entries at smaller shows across the country. One proposal was to require entries to attend more shows however statistics show a large majority of entries already attend two or more shows each year. Furthermore, not all exhibitors have easy access to multiple shows. As a result, the qualification requirements will be simplified in 2015 to require one of the following for those classes requiring qualification:

1. Placing 1st through 6th in that class or comparable futurity class between 10/19/14 and 10/9/15 at an AMHA Regional Show, USEF All Morgan show, USEF Morgan division, and shows with a Morgan division sanctioned by registries that have been granted international reciprocity by AMHA.

2. Placing 1st or 2nd in that class at an AMHA 3-Star show.

3. All Two-Year-Old and Three-Year-Old World Morgan Futurity classes with the exception of Park Harness will now be required to qualify just as all other Two-Year-Old and Three-Year-Old classes.

Complimentary Show Program

Beginning in 2015, all show sponsors will receive a free show program. Additional programs will be available for $15.

Show Program Online

An online version of the show program is in the works. Final format and distribution method is not final at this time. More information will be available closer to the show.

In-Hand Awards Return
Grand National plaques and coolers will once again be awarded to all In-Hand winners from each age division.

Judges Cards To Be Displayed

Every effort will be made to display the judges’ cards on the Jumbotron following each class. This will NOT be a replacement for visiting Hospitality, as the display time and font size will be limited. For those wishing to write down the complete results, binders with the complete results and cards will continue to be available in Hospitality following each session. The cards will also be available at

Live Stream Now Pay Per View

The Grand National will join the growing list of shows across the country moving to a pay-per-view model. FREE access to the show will still be available after the event at The show will be available LIVE online for $15 per day or $100 for the complete show.

UPHA Finals to be Recognized

Winners in the UPHA Finals program will now be recognized in the ring during their respective classes. The top winner in the program will be asked to make a victory pass.

Ribbons Of Service Program to Be Recognized

A special presentation will be scheduled for all participants in the UPHA Ribbons Of Service Program. This program allows junior exhibitors to combine their passion for horses with a charitable cause. More information on this program can be found at

Presentation Area Added to Sport Arena II

The décor in Sport Arena II will be enhanced to include an area for photographs and presentations.

AOTS Classes Added

Over 200 requests were received to add Amateur Owned Trained and Shown classes to the Grand National. After careful consideration, it was decided to add one class each on a trial basis in Classic Pleasure, Hunter Pleasure and Western Pleasure. These classes will qualify for the Amateur World Championship in their respective divisions.

Class Consolidation

Exhibitors also have requested the elimination or consolidation of smaller classes. A few qualifying classes have been combined. However, rather than eliminate any World Championships without notice, it was decided to put a few of these classes on probation for the next two years. Should these World Championships decline in number or show a steady pattern of low participation, they will be eliminated in 2017. These classes include: World Champion Classic Pleasure Driving Masters, World Champion Pleasure Driving Amateur Masters, World Champion Park Harness Amateur Masters, and the World Champion Park Saddle Amateur Masters.

Photo Ops Scheduled

A special photograph will be taken on Thursday, October 15th following the last class of the morning session in the main coliseum of all those attending the Grand National for the FIRST TIME. In addition, a photograph will be taken on Friday evening, October 16 at 6:30 p.m. in the main coliseum for everyone who has attended EVERY Grand National.

More Education, Fun, and Entertainment Planned

Plans are underway to make this year’s show filled with fun and entertainment throughout the week. Some of the events include:

- Sunday afternoon will feature the traditional Dog and Stick Horse Show.

- New for Monday afternoon will be the Ride-A-Five Challenge with $100 added to the winner-take-all jackpot. All competitors welcome!

- This year’s Education Seminar will feature a Mini-Judges Clinic on Wednesday afternoon at 4:30PM in the Sales Arena. This will give those interested a first-hand look at what goes into marking those cards in center ring.

- Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings will feature special themes each night. The emphasis will be on bringing back the glitz and glamour of the past as we celebrate the crowning of World Champions from the competition showcased throughout the week in Oklahoma. Attendees will be encouraged to dress accordingly.

- Expanded opportunities for cash and prizes at the Silver Possibility Party on Thursday evening. This always-popular event will showcase the opportunity to win an exciting top prize with the purchase of a special Silver Possibility ticket. In addition, this year the event will include a special Calcutta with cash and fun. More details to come!

- Friday night will feature the Young Adult Alliance Bull Riding Finals. An event that has grown in popularity across the country will make its Grand National debut.

- Saturday evening will feature the traditional After Glow Party following the last class.

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