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EF: JMARE - Providing Hope As Well As A Home


“Elysian Fields: The Justin Morgan Association For Retired Equines is a not-for-profit association dedicated to retired horses. The association is an active care giving, educational and research association established to preserve and improve the health, dignity, spirit, usefulness, comfort and quality of life of aging horses, with special emphasis on the Morgan Horse; America's first breed.”

The above is the mission statement of Elysian Fields: JMARE. This equine sanctuary in Cedar Point, Illinois is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating geriatric equines and has numerous success stories to its credit.

Goals of Elysian Fields include: 1.)Management tailored to the individual needs of each horse in residence, with particular attention to subtle changes that might signal a developing, yet treatable physical problem, coupled with timely veterinary care.     2.) Knowledge, development and application of state-of-the-art techniques and advances in nutrition, dental and farrier care. 3.) Development and application of new treatments for geriatric equines through affiliation with veterinary universities, treatment and research facilities. Experimental or overly intrusive therapies will not be considered. 4.) Provision of ample stall space, turn out facilities, life enhancing experiences and activities for all horses in residence considering the individual's need for appropriate exercise and compatible pasture companions. 5.) Provision of the specialized care and handling of geriatric stallions and mares. 6.) Utilization of current developments, including embryo transfer and centrifuging semen to permit responsible breeding of geriatric horses for the preservation of old bloodlines. 7.) Prevention of inappropriate euthanasia and/or the consignment of horses to rendering plants.

Success stories of rescued equines include Valiant Tony. A winner of more than 12 World Championship titles, Tony broke one of his front legs in an accident. His leg was surgically repaired but because he cannot bend it at the knee, he has special needs. When his owners disbanded their farm several years ago, Tony was sent to Elysian Fields to live out his remaining days. He is 25 years old and is doing well.

Tilly and Angel, two of the facility's newest residents, both came from Wisconsin. Both were at risk of dying due to starvation or of going to slaughter. Thankfully, they were rescued by a local agency and then sent to Elysian Fields, where at the request of the local agency, they were kept together. Their improvement at the sanctuary has been remarkable.

Horses that are retired at EF: JMARE receive specialized care, their own stall, daily turnout with a suitable pasture buddy, exercise and grooming. Donations are desperately needed as it requires $56 per week (or $8 per day) to care for one horse.

Associate Memberships are available for $25 per year. A lifetime membership is $500 or you can have a stall dedicated to a person or horse for $250.

EF: JMARE is a non-profit 501(c)(3) equine sanctuary. Sponsorships should be sent to: EF:JMARE; Sandra Jones-Schauble, Treasurer; PO Box 231; Cedar Point, Ill. 61316-0231. Contact the facility at (815) 446-4023 or visit the web site:

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