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Dr. Stephen Schumacher Named Chief Administrator of USEF Testing Programs


(Lexington, Ky) -  The USEF announced today that Dr. Stephen Schumacher of Columbus, Ohio has been selected to become the Chief Administrator of Testing Programs for the USEF Drugs and Medications Program.


Dr. Schumacher received his B.S degree from The Citadel College in South Carolina, and is a graduate of the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  While at Ohio State he participated in cardiovascular surgical research for the OSU Heart Transplant Program, and anesthesiology and cardiohemodynamic research for the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine.  He served for 5 years as a Testing Technician and then 3 years as a Testing Veterinarian for the USEF Drugs and Medications Program. While studying at the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine his awards include the Salsbury Veterinary Medicine Scholarship and the 2001 Merck-Merial SOAR Research Grant. Dr. Schumacher has been a practicing veterinarian with Healthy Pets of Rome-Hilliard, Ohio since 2003.


“I am very excited to have the opportunity to join the USEF team, and know that I have some large shoes to fill.  Dr. John Lengel is respected worldwide for his contributions to both national and international standards for testing and has been a dedicated leader in developing the Drugs and Medications Program,” said Dr. Schumacher.  “I look forward to continuing the program’s vision and commitment to the safety and well-being of horses and the promotion of fairness in competition.”


Dr. Catherine Kohn, past  member of the FEI Veterinary Committee; advisor to the USEF Selection Committee for Three-Day Eventing; and Chair of the Equine Health Research Fund Veterinary Advisory Panel said, “I was very pleased to hear that Dr. Schumacher has accepted the job. I know that he has had first hand experience in the field working as a Testing Veterinarian for the USEF.  He will be an excellent and knowledgeable colleague and a great addition to the USEF team.” Dr. Kohn is a Professor in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences at Ohio State University.


Dr. Schumacher and Dr. Thomas Lomangino, who will become the Director of the USEF Drug Testing and Research Laboratory, will report directly to USEF Chief Executive Officer John Long.  Dr. Lomangino joined the USEF in July of this year and had previously been Director of the Maryland Racing Commission Laboratory since 1988. “We welcome Dr. Schumacher to our highly regarded Drugs and Medications Program,” said Mr. Long.  “His extensive experience in the field as a Testing Veterinarian and Technician gives him a solid foundation and head-start for this very important position. We are confidant he will make outstanding contributions to this highly regarded USEF program.  I’m also excited about the reporting structure which will make this program even stronger as it provides increased balance between the field testing and the lab.”


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