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Doubleday Wins Florida Lottery

Posted February 6, 2002
Well-known horse show announcer Peter Doubleday was the fourth and final winner to claim his share of the estimated $85 million Florida lottery from the January 19, 2002 drawing. Doubleday elected to receive a one-time cash payment of $11,084,563 before federal taxes are withheld. This was the third highest jackpot in Florida lottery history.

“I saw the owner of the store where I bought my LOTTO tickets being interviewed on TV on Sunday night, so I decided to check my tickets,” said Doubleday according to an interview by the Florida Lottery. “I printed out the winning numbers off the Lottery’s web site and read through them four or five times. When my wife and I realized we had the winning numbers, we just stared at each other for a while.”

Doubleday said he plays the Florida LOTTO twice a week and uses both “Quick Picks” and his personal numbers. “I was in a hurry when I got my tickets, so I just bought “Quick Picks.” “We plan to use our winnings to buy a new car, maybe do some traveling and buy some land,” said Doubleday. “I also plan to continue working at my job.”

Doubleday is a popular horse show manager and announcer in the hunter/jumper arena as well as with the American Saddlebreds.

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