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Donated Items Needed for the AMHI E-Bay Auction

Posted February 8, 2002
The AMHI E-Bay Auction Committee members are very pleased with fundraising efforts to date. The efforts are limited only by the items available. This year, the items have included music boxes, porcelain hats, new CDs, videos, and cassette tapes, in addition to horse-related items.

The AMHI E-Bay Auction Committee is in need of items to auction! Horse items always sell well, but so do non-horsey items. Morgan people are particularly interested in mementos from AMHA, the Grand National and other shows. A simple pin that AMHA sold for $5 a few years ago recently sold for $76. Grand National exhibitor pins always sell for good amounts. Non-horsey items may not sell for the large amounts, but they are the backbone of the auction. The average selling price for the typical item is about $25. These $25 items mount up. These items appeal to the average e-bay user. And they are the items you may have laying about your home.

Do you have a CD that someone gave you that you have never opened? Do you have some collector’s items that you’ve decided you don’t want to dust anymore? How about a nice piece of jewelry that you never wear? Is there some Christmas items you received and will never use or will never wear - don't throw them in the closet - send them to us! All these items are what we need. You would be amazed at what appeals to the public--the items people collect.

The great thing about donating to this auction, in addition to the support it gives the organization, is the fact AMHI is a nonprofit organization and donations qualify for tax deductions. The committee will let you know at the end of the year what your items brought at auction for your tax deduction.

In the less than two years the auction has raised more than $30,000. The funds raised paid for a top of the line printer for The Morgan Horse magazine and they helped pay for a large portion of the new voice mail system used in the AMHA office.

Please check and see what you can donate and send it to: Barb Rudicel, 6839 W. Isanogel Road, Muncie, IN 47304-9312; (765) 288-3558; Please feel free to contact her if you have any questions. The committee needs your help and cannot continue to do this without you!

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