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Devon Receiving Additional Exposure

The prestigious Devon Horse Show and Country Fair, held May 26 through June 5, will have worldwide exposure through the Internet in addition to the thousands upon thousands of general spectators that fill the famed grandstand. An equine marketing company known as Equestrian Life will be providing videos, pictures and interviews from Devon that will be available on their website,

This is the same company that is working with the UPHA, ASHA and AHHS on a joint marketing program that will be launched at the end of this summer.

"Equestrian Life has launched a page on our Web site ( dedicated to the 2011 Devon Horse Show and Country Fair," said Deana Berquist, President and Co-Founder of Equestrian Life. "Watch our exclusive videos about the history and traditions of this spectacular hose show. One of the things we were struck by last year at the show was the pageantry and beauty of the Saddlebreds and Hackney horses and ponies. We had the great pleasure of Carson Kressley joining us as a guest commentator to bring his passion for this world to life.

"We are excited to announce today that we will have more great news to share this summer about a program we have developed with the UPHA, ASHA and AHHS to make it possible for anyone to have a chance to experience the joy of riding and driving. Stay tuned in July as we share the details of how you can "Ride & Drive in Style" for free with a UPHA affiliated instructor. Free lessons will be offered to anyone interested this August, September and October."

"We are pleased to be working with Equestrian Life on this joint venture, the first of its kind involving this part of the show horse world," added Bob Funkhouser who, along with a committee made up of UPHA, ASHA and AHHS members Bret Day, Judy Werner, Jennifer Dixon, Randy Harper and Robin King, is working with the company on developing the marketing plan. "I would encourage everyone to check out their work with the Devon Horse Show to see the quality of material that they produce. We will be filming during Lexington Junior League for our "Ride & Drive in Style" program that will be introduced to the public in August and run through October. This will put the American Saddlebred and Hackney in households all across the country and will give the general public and opportunity to test ride or drive our horses and ponies at barns from coast to coast."

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