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Derby Winners Urge an End to Horse Slaughter in America


The National Horse Protection League announced that owners of 23 Kentucky Derby winners are urging Congress to pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act; permanently ending the practice of horse slaughter for human consumption in the U.S.


A letter signed by the owners appeared in the Louisville Courier-Journal and Lexington Herald-Leader on Derby Day, May 5, 2007.


“As proud owners of Kentucky Derby winners, we urge Congress to pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act to end the horrific practice of transporting and slaughtering horses for human consumption abroad.


“While, we have been fortunate to have bred, raised, and raced world class horses, we have also owned horses that were not successful at the track, those who didn’t make the grade.  As horse owners, we have a responsibility to all of our horses, both individually and collectively.  We obviously do not want any of our horses to suffer under current laws that permit slaughter.  No horse should face such a cruel and brutal end.  Champion or not, all horses should be treated humanely.


“No horse in America is bred for a slaughterhouse.  He is bred for sport, industry and agriculture.  Many are companions just like our dogs and cats,” the letter said. 


The following owners of Kentucky Derby winners were signatories:


Roy and Gretchen Jackson (BARBARO-2006) PA

Jerry and Ann Moss (GIACOMO-2005) CA

Patricia Chapman (SMARTY JONES-2004) PA

Jack Knowlton, Managing Partner, Sackatoga Stable (FUNNY CIDE-2003) NY

John and Debby Oxley (MONARCHOS-2001) KY

Beverly Lewis (CHARISMATIC-1999, SILVER CHARM-1997) CA

Mike Peagram (REAL QUIET-1998) KY

William T. and Barbara Young, Overbrook Farm (GRINDSTONE-1996) KY

Joseph and Eileen Cornacchia (GO FOR GIN-1994, STRIKE THE GOLD-1991) NY

Bill Condren (GO FOR GIN-1994, STRIKE THE GOLD-1991) NY

Mrs. Paul Mellon (SEA HERO-1993) VA

Arthur and Staci Hancock (SUNDAY SILENCE-1989, GATO DEL SOL-1982) KY

Howard Keck (FERDINAND-1986) CA

Bert and Diana Firestone (GENUINE RISK-1980) VA

Sally Hill (SEATTLE SLEW-1977, Triple Crown Winner) FL

Penny Chenery (SECRETARIART-1973, RIVA RIDGE-1972) MD (CO)


Recent federal appeals court rulings have shut down the three remaining horse slaughterhouses in the U.S. However, last week Cavel International was granted an emergency stay to resume operations at its DeKalb, IL, facility.


Also last week a Senate committee approved the bill that would stop slaughter.  No floor vote has been scheduled thus far.

For more information on how one can take action against horse slaughter visit:

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