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A Delightful Dayton Horse Show

Judges: Kim Cowart, Adam Clauson, Lyn Peebles and Peter Stachowski
Manager: Evette Moody
Secretary: Barb Dunham
Ringmaster: Walter Williams
Announcer: David Rice
Photographer: Doug Shiflet
Organist: June Brune
Videographer: Adventure Video

by Lauren Camp

DAYTON, Ohio- A nice cool front moved in over Dayton and a summer breeze filtered through the stands making it a great week to have a horse show. Morgans, Saddlebreds and even a few Arabians entertained the spectators and the exhibitors alike as the Dayton Horse Show got under way on
Aug. 2-5, 2006.

While the weather was wonderful so were the people of Dayton. This lively group of Ohio exhibitors always has words of encouragement and nice things to say to one another. Not only that, but the “non-progressive” progressive barn party was a big hit and proved that the Dayton Horse Show has a focus on hospitality as well.


Dazzling sunsets made a fabulous backdrop for a horse show on Friday and Saturday nights as the horses and riders dueled it out in hot competition. Several classes proved to be very competitive including the Five-Gaited Stake with Sena Bowling and Varsity Blues taking top honors as well as the 12 and 13 entry show and country pleasure championships.

As always Show Manager Evette Moody made sure that everything ran smoothly and that all exhibitors were having a great time showing. Secretary Barb Dunham kept the show going, while David Rice announced the winners. Expert judges Kim Cowart, Adam Clauson, Lynn Peebles and Peter Stachowski presided over this show. Keeping everyone safe in the show ring was ringmaster Walter Williams while organist June Brune kept the crowd entertained with lively tunes. Doug Shiflet captured the winning photographs as videographers Adventure Video caught it all on tape.


Having a tricolor ride and a streaking around the ring into victory was the flaxen-tailed beauty Varsity Blues and Sena Bowling, for owner Mitchell Walker. Reserve honors in this class belonged to Dollar For Dollar and Lisa May under the direction of Steve Demjen. These two also dueled it out in the Ladies Five-Gaited with Dollar For Dollar coming out on top and Varsity Blues in reserve.

Open Five-Gaited honors belonged to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and jockey John Nelson, for owners Martha Heraf and Marcia Cox. Reserve honors in this class went to Betcha By Golly Wow and Sena Bowling.

The amateurs also had a competitive championship with Callaway’s Belle De Mac and Mindy Van Hellemont taking home the tricolor after a qualifying blue as well. The reserve tricolor in the Amateur Five-Gaited Championship belonged to Callaway’s Wish Me Luck and Sarah Grimm. Capturing the red ribbon for reserve in the qualifier was Attaché’s First Edition and Selvi Jeyaraj.

As always the junior exhibitors cannot let the adults have all the fun in the five-gaited division as they also turned out two nice classes. Championship and qualifying honors belonged to the lofty Diplomatic Son and rider Krystal Murphy under the direction of Wes and Sena Bowling. New York Diva and Sarah Brandt stepped up to take the reserve ribbon in the championship. New York Diva and catch rider Mary Lou Manis took home the red ribbon in the qualifier.

Two different five-gaited classes were reserved for the young horses. Taking home the blue ribbon in the Junior Five-Gaited class were Luckiest Charmer and the very busy Sena Bowling for owners Stepping Up Stables. The blue ribbon in the UPHA Five-Gaited Classic was Phil Price and the striking Thunder Over The Amazon for owner Tina Stodd.


A highlight of Saturday night’s performance is always the Three-Gaited Grand Championship. The tricolor ribbon belonged to the necky Great Day’s War Princess and Phil Price for owner Tina Stodd. The reserve tricolor went home with Cape Cod Farm as Reese Richey guided Primary Goal into reserve honors for owner Jessica Sexton.

Larry Gardiner and Santana’s Assessment took home the top honors in the Open Three-Gaited class for owner Arlys Solien. The red ribbon for reserve in this five-entry class belonged to Great Day’s War Princess and Phil Price.

Five entries made the gate call for the Three-Gaited Amateur Championship. Taking home the top honors, after winning reserve in the qualifier were Sir Andrew and Margo Coleman. Reserve ribbons belonged to His Heirness and Debbie Ecksten for owner Linda Lewis. This team also won the blue ribbon in the six-entry qualifier.

Always having fun showing their Saddlebreds, the junior exhibitors took center stage with their three-gaited horses. Championship honors in this division belonged to Stonecroft Front And Center and Chelsea Patterson under the direction of the
Cape Cod team. This pair also stepped up for the blue ribbon in the qualifier. Reserve honors in the championship went to Chance To Dream and Danielle Williams. Taking home the red ribbon in the six-entry qualifier was Heart Of Stone and Stephanie Wright.

The young three-gaited horses were not let out either as the Junior Three-Gaited class was also included. Top honors in this class belonged to Erin Hall and
ECC Backstage Lady.


The Three-Gaited Park Championship tricolor belonged to I’m Remarkable and Murphy McSemek for McSemek/Kennedy. Stepping up for reserve were Harsh Status and Jan Muhsam, who took top honors in the qualifying class.

Having an absolutely fabulous ride for championship and qualifying blue was the Cape Cod trained duo of Abby Campbell and the amazing CH Undulata’s Jimmy Hollywood. Reserve honors in both the qualifier and the championship belonged to The Lady’s Heir and Lynn Gutches Snowden.


Making a great impression with his high-stepping trot Hoof Prince captured the tricolor in the Fine Harness Grand Championship under the direction of Jim Taylor for Jill O’Hara. This pair also took home the blue in the qualifier. Reserve honors in both classes belonged to Tropical Treasure and Susan Levally for owner Linda Litzinger.

The amateurs took the gate with their fine harness horses, and driving home with the tricolor and the blue in the qualifier was Gothic Bronze and owner/driver Eleanor Pederson. Reserve in the championship belonged to One’s Dizzy Lizzy and Jackie Hammond. Reserve honors in the qualifier went home with Iris James and Kool Tyme BH.

Of course the young horses were not left out as three nice classes took their gate calls. Captive Soul and Mary Waickman were crowned champion in the Junior Fine Harness class for owner Leslie Reynolds. Steve Demjen expertly guided Mac’s Blue Attack into victory in the UPHA Fine Harness Classic for owner James L. Taylor. The top honors in the Two-Year-Old Fine Harness class belonged to the necky Catalyst’s Masterpiece under the direction of Phil Price for owner Judith Grimm.


Speeding into the winner’s circle in the Roadster To Bike Championship was Holly Russell and John T Bert N Me. This duo also sped away with the blue ribbon in the qualifier. Coming away with the reserve ribbons in both the championship and the qualifier were At Full Throttle and Holli McDowell for owner Lisa McMackin.

Flying around the ring in the Amateur Roadster To Bike class and coming away with the blue ribbon was Rosetta’s Stone and Travis Smith for owner Virginia Powell.
Looking absolutely awesome in the Road Pony Championship was the leg-pumping Dun Haven Awesome Image with Beth Jones under the direction of Connie Smith. This speedy pair also took home the top honors in the Amateur Road Pony qualifier. Reserve in the open championship belonged to
BRS Nite Rider and Terry McKenzie. This pair also took home the top honors in the open road pony qualifier.

The junior exhibitors were not left out as they took their gate call in the AHHS Youth Medallion Road Pony class. Top honors belonged to Simply Awesome and Logan James for Ohio High Steppers. Reserve, also for the Ohio High Steppers, were Twin Willow’s Prophet and Laura Edwards.


Spring Premier and Richard Blevins were on top of their game to take home the tricolor in the Harness Pony Championship, as well as the AHHSF Adult Amateur Harness Pony qualifier. Reserve honors in that class belonged to Knight’s Holiday Swinger and Elizabeth Weisner.

The high-stepping Lady Juliet and Jimmy Robertson captured the tricolor in the Hackney Pony Championship for owners Frank and Iris James. Diamond’s Whiz Bang and Terry McKenzie, for owner Beth Jones, came away with reserve. This pony took home the blue ribbon in the qualifier as well. Reserve honors in the Open Hackney Pony qualifier belonged to Lady Juliet and Iris James.

The AHHSF Adult Amateur Hackney Pony Driving Challenge was another quality filled pony class with the top honors going to the perky pony Kilbro’s Pit Boss and Elizabeth Weisner. The Final Contender and Linda Lewis stepped up for reserve.

The flashy pony Autumnwood’s Rumor Has It and owner/driver Beth Jones were looking fabulous as they trotted into the winner’s circle in the Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving Championship and qualifier under the direction of High Hopes Stables. Reserve honors in this class belonged to Spirit’s Easter Morn and Linda Lewis. The red ribbon in the qualifier went to Kilbro’s Ranier and Bill Kildow.

The Ohio High Steppers stepped into the winner’s circle again in the AHHS Youth Medallion Hackney Pleasure Driving Pony class with Mr. Jack Daniels and Katie Sharpe in the buggy.


Five entries made the gate call in the Five-Gaited Show Pleasure Championship. Taking home the tricolor ribbon in this competitive class was the trotting and racking team of Cloverleaf Taho Taho and Kristen Siess. Reserve honors belonged to Harlem’s Gifted Treasure, who also took home the red ribbon in the qualifier. Stepping up into the blue in the qualifying class were Wild Irish Dream and Leslie Reynolds.

The Open Park Pleasure Championship had six nice entries competing for the tricolor ribbon. Never putting an ear back and stepping up into tricolor honors were Tom Sworm and Platinum’s First Asset for Alan/Michelle Devore. The red ribbon belonged to CH Uncle Abe and Piper Granger under the direction of owner/trainer Shelly Fisher. Looking like a champion this flashy gelding also took home the blue ribbon in the Park Pleasure Open class with Shelley Fisher in the irons, with Platinum’s First Asset and Tom Sworm in reserve.

A park pleasure class for the amateurs took center stage as well. The blue ribbon honors belonged to Crystal Blue and Meg James for Frank and Iris James under the direction of Jimmy Robertson. Reserve honors in this class went to She’s Unretouched and Wendy Nelson.

Looking awesome in the Open Park Pleasure Junior Horse class with the lofty Supremacy’s Dare and Pam Specht for James Wilson. Jamas With Feet and Bonnie Howard were reserve. This pair claimed top honors in the UPHA Park Pleasure Classic for Sleepy Hollow Farm. Taking home the reserve in this class were Supremacy’s Spring Fling and Jennifer Pitner.

Top honors in the Adult Show Pleasure class went to Tango Blues and Sarah Taylor for owners Wes and Sena Bowling. Heart Of Stone and Stephanie Wright stepped up into the reserve place. Call Me Lucky Blue and Tiffany Sharp claimed the top honors in the show pleasure qualifier. The red ribbon belonged to Jessica Sexton and Simply Enough.

The junior exhibitors and their show pleasure horses answered the gate call and the pleasurable Good Graces and Krystal Murphy captured the tricolor ribbon and the blue in the qualifier as well. Reserve honors in both competitive classes belonged to Meadowcreek’s Town Attraction and Katie Singleton.

Call Me Lucky Blue and Tiffany Sharp were both lucky and blue in the Limit Three-Gaited Show Pleasure class. Merchant Marine and Toria Heck took home the red ribbon.

Making a great show and never putting an ear back was the necky I’m Big N Rich and Holli McDowell in both the Show Pleasure Driving Championship and qualifier. Making it three blue ribbons for I’m Big And Rich, co-owner Megan Todd guided him into top honors in the ASHAF Youth Challenge Show Pleasure Driving class. Reserve honors in the Show Pleasure Driving Championship and qualifier were Unsanctioned and Vicki Siemon Webb.

Twelve competitive entries made the gate call in the Adult Country Pleasure Championship. The tricolor ribbon belonged to the high-stepping Highpoint’s Prince and Charlotte Goodman. CH Spike Leigh and Jacqueline Manzo were looking good to claim the red ribbon in the championship. This pair took home the blue ribbon in the qualifier, with reserve honors in that class going to Uwharrie’s First Lady and Vicki Siemon Webb.

Looking as fabulous as the name implies Ooh La Latte and Sarah Lawson were crowned champion in the Junior Exhibitor Country Pleasure Championship and qualifier. Reserve honors in both classes belonged to CF Chief’s Mood Swings and Aimee LaBrie.

The Amateur Owned And Trained Country Pleasure champion was the flashy Neon Deon and Melissa Seitzman. The red ribbon went to Romancing The Son and Emily Ludi.

Top honors in the Limit Country Pleasure class belonged to the Highpoint’s Price and Charlotte Goodman. Reserve ribbons went to Turn My Head and Jessica Williamson out of six competitive entries.

The high-headed Highpoint’s High Adventure and Beth Jones added another championship to their banner in the Country Pleasure Driving Championship and qualifier. Reserve honors in both classes belonged to The Bay Princess and Mary Strang.

Showing the versatility of the Saddlebred and winning both western pleasure classes were The Midnight Heir and Courtney Oblender. Reserve championship honors belonged to owner Joan Todd and Emily Grey. The red ribbon in the qualifier belonged to Reedann’s High Phlier and Sarah Brandt.

Joan Todd and Emily Grey showed off their versatility by claiming the honors in the Hunter Pleasure Championship. Reserve honors in the championship belonged to Schatzburg and Jordan Waxman. Katy Skaggs and Callaway’s For Always made a winning show in the Country Hunter Pleasure qualifying class. Reserve honors in this five-horse class belonged to Joan Todd and Emily Grey.


The 17-year-old Saddle Seat Equitation riders made excellent passes and completed their classes in perfect style. Showing off her expert skills and grabbing the judge’s attention, as well as championship top ribbon was Sarah Jane Smith, who also won the USEF Saddle Seat Medal class. Reserve honors in both classes belonged to Taylor Newton.

In top form to take home the blue ribbon in the 17 and Under Saddle Seat Equitation class was Samantha Johnson.

One of the cutest sights at the horse shows is always the ten and under walk and trot riders in their championship. Cute as a button and taking home the blue ribbon was Hallie Sansbury, while reserve honors went to Aleia Brown, in both the championship and the Challenge Cup. Talia Stewart grabbed the blue in the Walk/Trot Saddle Seat Equitation qualifying class.

Six entries made the gate call for the pleasure equitation for the 17 and under riders. Making a picture perfect pleasure equitation ride for the blue ribbon in the qualifier as well as the championship was Toria Heck. Reserve honors in the championship class belonged to the Kelsey McDonald. The qualifying class red ribbon belonged to the elegant Ty Sallee.

Winning the blue in the Pleasure Equitation Medallion in top form was Heather Lyle.

Dayton boasted a large academy program and the winners included: Kate Baker, Megan Gray, Lilly Hannah, Kelsey Leta, Holly Fisher, Elena Senseman, Michelle Riling, Shelby Pribble, Vicky Johnson, Samantha Brobst, Ali Kelly, Taylor Russell and Madison Bartha.


The Morgan horses also had a nice time at the Dayton Horse Show. Taking home the top honors in the Morgan English Saddle Championship were Fire And Brimsone and Vicki Higgins. Reserve honors in this class belonged to MCG Secret Agent Man and Jennifer Hallet.

Open English Pleasure honors belonged to the talented Claridge Armani and trainer Shelley Fisher for Margaret Williams. Lookaway’s Howitzer and Kathleen Flower took home the reserve ribbons for owners Jim and Linda Stewart.

The amateurs were not left out as they made the gate call with their English pleasure saddle entries. Taking home the blue ribbon was Fire And Brimstone and Vicki Higgins. Reserve belonged to the Terry and Barara Holstein entry of Opus One.

Open Pleasure Driving honors belonged to Loaded Question and Art Hattan for owners Rocky Ridge Farm. Reserve ribbons in this class went to FCF Immortal Affair and Susan Kanke.

Patchwork Stage Star and Gene Siddle were in top form to claim the blue ribbon in the Classic Pleasure Saddle class. Reserve honors in this class went to BRI B Guinevere and Talia Stewart.

The Classic Pleasure Driving Championship honors belonged to the high-stepping and versatile Patchwork Stage Star and Gene Siddle. Reserve belonged to the equally talented BRI B Guinevere and Talia Stewart.

Top honors in the Classic Pleasure Driving class belonged to Festival Honey N Spice and Abby Adkins. LCS Second Time Around and Madeleine Evans were reserve.

The Western Pleasure Championship showed the versatility of the Morgan horse. Coming away with the blue ribbon in both the championship and amateur qualifier was Ultra’s Untouchable and Susan Adkins (in qualifier) with Kathryn Schwartz up in the championship. Reserve honors in these classes belonged to LTM Shooting Star for David and Charlotte Krupla. LTM Shooting Star would also win the blue in the Open Western Pleasure class with Ultra’s Untouchable in reserve.

Taking home the blue ribbons in the Hunter Pleasure Championship and in the amateur qualifier was Jax Noble Onyx and Abby Adkins for Gayle Singer. Reserve in these classes belonged to Meadowayne Magic Moment and Lora Lyons. This pair also claimed the top honors in the Open Hunter Pleasure class with Meadowayne Brass N Sassy in reserve.

This concludes the highlights for the Dayton Horse Show. Complete Saddlebred results can be searched by clicking on ASB SHOW RESULTS and complete Morgan results by clicking on MORGAN RESULTS.

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