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A Day With A Trainer Is A Big Hit For World Morgan Futurity

A Day With A Trainer was a very successful fundraiser for the World Morgan Futurity in Oklahoma. Thirty different trainers from across the country were approached to volunteer to spend a day with whoever won the bid for visiting them. Trainers were picked in a variety of disciplines and in different sections of the country to offer people visits close by if they wanted, or far away.

Trainers were asked to let someone spend the day with them watching them train horses. Many offered a ride or drive if the winning bidder was capable, or a lesson. Trainers offered lunch or dinner - or to drop across the street to the local pub at the end of the day. Eastern trainers offered lobster dinner watching the ocean. In the Midwest, after watching horses being worked and going for a spin, depending on the age of the visitor, a trip into the big city with the young crew at Merriehill was offered, or an alternative option for the older generation. Lisa Singer, especially asked for her expertise, offered a drive through the countryside behind her fabulous Morgan pair. A gourmet dinner will be the reward at the end of the day prepared by trainer Mike Goebig. Some fabulous days and some weekends with outings to local tourist spots in the area were also included.

All trainers were listed with photos and their offerings on the World Morgan Futurity web site. Internet bidders could bid for their favorites online. Posters colorfully decorated the walls of Central Ticketing, at Grand National, and the bidding was spirited between Internet and live bidders. At the close of the auction on Sunday, telephone personnel called Internet bidders to get a final bid in, so everyone had a chance until the last bidder quit!

The top five money bids went to Annie Anderson at $630, who was also kind enough to do an equal bid of the same with the second-place bidder who was crushed when she had to quit. Next in line all tied at $500 were Rick Lane’s Cabot Morgans, Judy Whitney Harris and Rock Walker Stables. Lisa Singer followed at $400. All in all, the project netted the World Morgan Futurity more than $6,500, which went directly into the Futurity jackpots.

The Futurity hopes to do this fun project again in two years with a whole new group of people and places to visit. Special thanks go to the trainers, the bidders and especially to Kelly McFaul, assistant futurity secretary, who did all the work on the web site and the posters!

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