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Critically Endangered Horse Breed To Visit KY Horse Park



Tregoyd Journeyman


LEXINGTON, KY -- The Cleveland Bay is a critically endangered breed of horse.  On the “Rare Breed Survival Trust,” it is listed alongside endangered species such as the Snow Leopard and Giant Panda.  One of these rare horses, a stallion named “Tregoyd Journeyman,” will make several public appearances at the Kentucky Horse Park during BreyerFest, July 28-30.


John Nicholson, Executive Director of the park observed, “A large component of bringing any breed or species back from the brink of extinction is education.  The public needs to know the attributes of an animal and why it is so important that it be cherished and preserved for future generations.  That’s why we’re so proud that this magnificent Cleveland Bay will be visiting our park during BreyerFest.  We appreciate the breeding efforts of the horse’s owners and we applaud the folks at BreyerFest for making it possible for our visitors to see an endangered breed.”


He continued, “As a result of seeing and touching this endangered horse in person, it is our hope that the public, especially horse owners, will come away from BreyerFest with an interest in contributing to the survival of the Cleveland Bay.” 


Tregoyd Journeyman’s owner, Anna Cohen, said, “The best thing about bringing him to the Kentucky Horse Park is that the public will get to know a Cleveland Bay.  They truly are wonderful in their photographs, but the whole package is completed when one is able to spend some time with a Cleveland Bay


“They are strong, powerful, graceful, kind, sensitive and thoughtful.  It is the temperament of the Cleveland Bay that will win hearts all day long.  Yet, they are in such danger. Their population is very small.”


The Cleveland Bay, which is thought to have originated in the North of England in the region known as Cleveland, is said to be the “oldest and purest of the indigenous horse breeds.”  It is thought to have evolved in the Middle Ages.  Its qualities include soundness, strength, stamina, quiet temperament, economy of keep and sure footedness.  The Cleveland Bay is a magnificent coach horse that has enjoyed Royal patronage for more than 200 years.


Unfortunately, despite its history and qualities, the Cleveland Bay’s numbers have dwindled to a mere 550 horses world-wide, with only 220 mares of breeding age.  The 2005 foal crop netted only 21 fillies and 25 colts born.  Efforts are underway to save the breed from extinction.  Part of that effort is in the hands of Bay Haven Farm in Virginia, which is working to restore the breed.  They imported Tregoyd Journeyman, a multiple champion and reserve champion, to the U.S., where it is hoped he will play a key role in the revitalization of the Cleveland Bay in North America.


Tregoyd Journeyman is just one of the celebrity horses which will ship in to the Kentucky Horse Park exclusively for BreyerFest.  The public is invited to see them with park admission or BreyerFest admission.  A new Breyer model horse depicting Bay Haven Farm’s Tregoyd Journeyman will debut at BreyerFest.


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Tregoyd Journeyman

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