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Countdown to Morgan Grand National

An open letter from 2007 Show Chairman, C. A. “Tony” Lee, III:

As October approaches, work continues at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds for what promises to be a brand new world once Morgan exhibitors arrive in the fall.

It truly will be a new world for everyone once we arrive in
this October. Much has changed since exhibitors departed the fairgrounds in October of 2006. Although changes will continue for the next few years, probably the biggest changes will be seen this year.

Construction is on schedule for the new Barns 1 and 2. A new office will be constructed just to the left of the Gateway of Champions leading into the Coliseum. A new restaurant is now open in Barn 3, complete with a chef, a new menu, and comfortable seating. New stalls with state-of-the-art construction are being added in stages throughout the fairgrounds. A fresh, clean, and bright new warm-up ring will now lead you to the main Coliseum.

And, the improvements are slated to continue. Higher than expected hotel tax revenues led the Oklahoma City Council to recently approve spending an additional $20 million on improvements at the State Fair Arena and horse barns.

"Officials will spend $7.5 million of that new money on improvements to the State Fair Arena, including new seating, a scoreboard, restrooms, meeting space, a roof replacement and other interior renovations," said Oklahoma State Fair General Manager Tim O'Toole.

Those improvements should be complete in 2009. This will be the first major renovation to the arena since it was built in 1962. Another $8.5 million will go toward a new fair entrance, security improvements, signage, parking lots and drainage improvements. The rest of the money will be spent on a new building to store horse feed and bedding. With all the growth, there maybe bumps along the way. However, I am sure everyone's patience will give way to an even better world for us all. It truly is a team effort.

We are extremely lucky to have Fred Nava join us this year as our new show manager. "It is with great excitement that I come to
this year as the new manager of the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse show," Fred proudly states. "This horse show is where the best of the best Morgans compete and World Champions are crowned. The future of our breed will be guided by the results of this horse show. It is history in the making!"

Fred, along with a dedicated and hard-working show committee, will join an impressive list of sponsors, officials, and volunteers to make this year's show the best ever.

More than three decades of Morgan history has been made in

In the early 1970s, we first called
Oklahoma City
our home. Great Morgan legends trotted down victory lane and took their places in history as the sights and sounds of the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds soon became an October tradition for all of Morgandom.

Through the 1980s, our beloved breed touched our hearts as the list of Morgan legends grew, and the bond of our Morgan family became stronger. As the years passed, one thing became certain. Our hearts, our minds, and our spirit would find its way to
each October.

In the 1990s, we saw new divisions, new excitement, and new memories. Our familiar Oklahoma State Fairgrounds was brought to life each October with tales of brilliance from the past and eyewitness accounts of marvel from the present. The legends would live on.

As our thoughts turn toward another Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show, fond memories return.

We invite you to come celebrate our love for the Morgan horse. The foundation of our past is evident in the strength of our future. I look forward to joining you this October as we celebrate A Tradition of Excellence in a
New World.


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