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Committee Accepting Nominations for ASHA Board

Lexington, Kentucky - The 2010 Nominating Committee of the American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA) has conducted its organizational meeting under the direction of Committee Chairman Nelson Green.

Also on the committee are Betsy Boone, Dr. Margaret McNeese, Suzie Teater and Janet Thompson. The committee was appointed in accordance with the Article III, Section 1 of the ASHA Bylaws which, in part, states the following:

The Nominating Committee shall consist of five members, two of whom shall be elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting, two of whom shall be selected by the Association Board of Directors, and the Chairman who shall be appointed by the President.

The purpose of the committee is to prepare recommendations for ASHA directors to be elected to three-year terms beginning in February, 2011.

The Nominating Committee directed ASHA staff to undertake all possible means to solicit suggestions from the membership, including by email and publishing releases in Saddlebred media. In addition, all suggestions received during previous years have been forwarded to this year’s committee.

Article III, Part II of the ASHA bylaws govern the election procedures each year. The Nominating Committee is required to weigh and balance many factors in making its recommendations, including, but not limited to geography, experience with the breed and its governing organizations, other governance positions, committee service, and expertise required by ASHA. Those on the Nominating Committee also want to reach out to the entire membership to seek qualified candidates for consideration, so that anyone who wishes to be considered, or who has a recommendation of a qualified individual, can be encouraged to put those names forward.

Nomination forms are being provided as the Nominating Committee will be looking for specific criteria to find candidates to replace departing board members, as well as other needs on the Board of Directors. The nominating committee very much encourages the membership to get involved in this process.

Suggestions for possible candidates to serve on the board should be submitted on the nomination form and sent to:

American Saddlebred Horse Association
Attn: Nominating Committee
4083 Iron Works Parkway
Lexington, KY  40511

Nomination forms may also be sent by fax to (859) 259-1628, or by email to Katriona Adams at, and should be sent no later than Friday, September 10, 2010. If members prefer, they may email forms to members of the Nominating Committee as follows: Nelson Green (, Betsy Boone (, Dr. Margaret McNeese  (, Suzie Teater (, and Janet Thompson (

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