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Cleveland Park Busy Through The Holidays

Dec. 1st, 2001, Cleveland Park Stables hosted its annual Fun Show. There were over 100 entries from two visiting barns; John Walker Stables and Williamson Stables along with Cleveland Park exhibitors. Several academy type classes were offered for all age divisions. Jim Heinz, a customer of Cleveland Park Stables, served as the ringmaster and bugler announcing every class. Judges were anyone over 14 who wanted to give it a try.

Cleveland Park threw its annual Christmas Party on Dec. 16th. Everyone attending brought in his or her own covered dish. Dips, sandwiches, bar-b-que, ribs, salads and cakes were just a few of the items available. A local carriage company, Whispering Winds, gave carriage rides through historical Cleveland Park every half hour. The carriage company boards their horses, Storm and Mack, at Cleveland Park.

Cleveland Park Stables began camps on Dec. 26th for students of any age. Camp was done by day to acomadate people after Christmas. Three days consisted of riding, grooming, feeding and driving.

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