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Clarifications of Titles at the Kentucky State Fair World's Championship Horse Show


There have been several inquiries as to the correct titles for horses winning at the Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show.  The titles were established in 2004 and remain the same today, rather than list each class I will list the type of class and the title that goes to the winner of that class.  

They are:  qualifying class winners (including Futurity classes) are World’s Champions, championship class winners are World’s Champion of Champions, the winners of the seven open championships (five gaited, three gaited, fine harness, road horse, hackney pony, roadster pony, and harness pony) are the only winners that are titled World’s Grand Champions.  

The second place horse in each of these classes will be known as the Reserve World’s Champions, Reserve World’s Champion of Champions, and Reserve World’s Grand Champions

The winners of the Kentucky County Fair classes would be the Kentucky State Fair County Fair Grand Champions.  

The winner of the USTA class is the USTA Roadster Horse Finals Champion.

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