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Clarification of Qualifying Guidelines for Kentucky State Fair

The Pleasure, Show Pleasure and Country Pleasure (Western and Hunter included), and the Park divisions entries are open to any horse. In order to enter any class for these divisions the horse does not need to have been shown previously in those classes. If any of these classes are filled to capacity than the point/class system will be used to determine the entries.  First the points, then the number of shows, will be used. If the class is not filled then all other horses (those horses that have no points or classes) will be placed in a separate pool from which a lottery drawing will be conducted to determine the entries to be accepted. This drawing will be conducted by the Horse Show Advisory Committee, not management.  

The Country Fair class qualifications changes will be addressed with the Horse Show Committee Chairperson of the Kentucky Association of Fairs & Horse Shows the first of May. Any decision made will be immediately released. 

The USEF is currently working to put together the requirements that meet the government standard during this time in order to conduct horse shows. Once these requirements are presented to management you will be notified of the changes that will be put into place in order to conduct the horse show. 

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