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Charlotte Classic Horse Show is a GO!


After some initial uncertainty about this year’s show… The Charlotte Show is a GO!!!!!!!!


Make plans to attend the Charlotte Classic Horse Show this year (that's right, a slight name change for this year). Same nice volunteers and atmosphere. It will be held June 29-July 1, again at Latta Plantation Park.


Cook's Memorial Presbyterian Church has formed a partnership with ASAC to sponsor this year’s show. The show needs sponsors and volunteers from ASAC to team with Church members. With sponsorships ranging from $25.00 to $1,000.00, anyone can help.


Sponsor forms are available from Betsy Boone at or Vera Smith at Please let one of them know if you would sponsor a class or better yet, be a Gold, Silver or Bronze Show Sponsor. Please forward this information to your friends too!


Host hotel will be at Exit 18 on I-77- This is the exit with the new North Lake Mall and many new restaurants.


This is an exciting new venture for ASAC since as listed in the By-laws Article II- Purposes.




The members of this Association have voluntarily associated themselves together into an organization designed to carry out the following purposes:


        A.     To promote the breeding, raising, training, sales and exhibiting of the American Saddlebred Horse in the Carolinas and elsewhere, and to promote other activities and events of a nature to create enthusiasm, use, pleasure, and interest in the American Saddlebred horse.


        B.     To encourage and educate youth and adults interested in the American Saddlebred horse, and to promote the highest standards of showmanship and sportsmanship through better communications with those interested in the breed.


        C.     To cooperate with educational institutions, governmental agencies, civic organizations, and the general public to promote the American Saddlebred horse.


        D.     To cooperate with and assist horse show managers and organizations who promote horse shows in the selection and spacing of classes of the American Saddlebred horse, and to develop better horse shows throughout the Carolinas, and to further the objectives of the Association, but not for profit of the individual members; provided, however, the Association shall possess and exercise any and all other powers conferred by law on like corporations.

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