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Chattanooga/Cleveland Charity Horse Show Management Makes Announcement about EHV1

The Chattanooga/Cleveland Charity Horse Show management wishes to announce that due to the current outbreak of the EHV1 virus that has hit some areas of the horse community, all precautions are going to be taken to ensure the safety of horses and exhibitors. In order to protect those coming to the show, all facilities and stalls will be disinfected use veterinary recommended solutions prior to the arrival of those competing. This is a complimentary action being taken by the horse show management to ensure that everyone who comes to the grounds is safe and protected. It is of utmost importance to the staff of the Chattanooga Charity that everyone feels safe and secure in knowing that their health and their horses health is of top priority.

Also, the tents and temporary stalls will be set up well in advance, and there is not a show preceding theirs, so they will have ample time to fully sanitize the grounds. The show is still slated to run during June 17th-20th 2015.

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