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Chattanooga-Cleveland Charity Horse Show Makes Changes

The Chattanooga-Cleveland Charity Horse Show to be held on June 18-21, 2014 is right around the corner.  This years show will be managed by Steve Hanks and judged by Jim Cherry.  The following changes and additions have been made: 

Class 30:  Single Roadster Pony to Bike--Amateur/Junior Exhibitor is now just an Amateur class.  

The first class Friday morning will be Class 44A:  Single Roadster Pony to Bike--Junior Exhibitor. 

The last two classes on Friday morning will be Class 52A:  ASB Three-Gaited Park Pleasure--Amateur and Class 52B:  Roadster Horse Under Saddle--Open. 
The last class Saturday morning before the (Ten Minute Break) will be Class 76A:  ASB Three-Gaited Park Pleasure--Amateur Championship. 

Class 113:  Roadster Horse to Bike Championship will now be a Jackpot. 

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