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Changes Announced For 2005 Gold Cup Regional

The Gold Cup Regional Horse Show, just announced as the 2004 People's Choice Reserve Most Improved Show, will be relocating in 2005. It will be moving to the Midwest Livestock Expo Center in Springfield, Ohio. Show manager Guy Brown has announced a number of incentives for the 2005 show. The office fees and stall fees will be reduced for exhibitors. Stalls will be reduced to $90 from $100, while office fees will be $10 per horse, down from $25.

The show will also feature increased payouts in the Amateur English Pleasure, Amateur Pleasure Driving, Amateur Western Pleasure, Amateur Hunter Pleasure and Classic Pleasure Saddle by more than 700%. In each of the five championships, the prize monies will increase; 1st from $125 to $1000, 2nd from $62 to $500, 3rd from $28 to $125 and 4th from $25 to $75. Gold Cup will also provide a $500 stipend to the Gold Cup Senior Youth winner to defray costs associated with their participation in the Youth Contest at the Grand National and World Championship Morgan Horse Show in Oklahoma City. For more Gold Cup information contact; show manager Guy E. Brown at or (317) 752-9657.

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