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CH Wild Eyed and Wicked Exhumed For Testing

Crews exhumed the body of CH Wild Eyed and Wicked last week at Double D Ranch in Versailles, Ky., in search of answers to the two-time Triple Crown winner’s mysterious death in 2003. The 11-year-old gelding was euthanized eighteen months ago, after sustaining injuries from an undetermined substance.

The Jacksons had requested a court order to have Wicked exhumed and tested. Last month a federal judge signed a court order granting the Jackson’s permission to exhume and test their horse. The exhumation took place from the morning of Feb. 2 until the afternoon of Feb. 4.

Sally Jackson, owner of CH Wild Eyed and Wicked, said the process last week was done very professionally and both she and her husband, Joe Jackson, were relieved with the outcome.

“The body was very well preserved,” said Jackson. “There was a lot left for testing. It was so much more than we had hoped for or anticipated finding.”

Wicked’s body is currently being held at the coroner’s office in Lexington, Ky. Jackson said they are bringing in a veterinary toxicologist and a veterinary pathologist who will lead a team of scientists in performing many state of the art forensic tests.

Dr. Elizabeth Murray is the forensic anthropologist that was in charge of the recovery. Dr. Murray has worked on several high profile cases including 9/11 where she helped identify victims bodies at ground zero.

“Dr. Murray is extremely qualified,” said Jackson.

Jackson was present along with her husband during the entire exhumation.

Upon completion of all necessary tests, Jackson plans to bury Wicked at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Ky. “It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a long time,”said Jackson. “I’ve already chosen the perfect spot for him.”

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