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CH Bright Lights Passes Away

From Jane Jacobs:
Brooke, Brent and I are deeply saddened as the decision was made to put down Brooke's former equitation champion, CH Bright Lights, "Buddy," last night. We were all by his side. At age 29 he was having a hard time getting up the past several months but was in basic good health...just feeling the signs of old age. He was fine yesterday morning at breakfast but by dinner time, he wasn't. Dr. Cleveland came out and gave him something and hoped it would help. Buddy got up a little later and started walking around...hopeful sign. We called Dr. Cleveland and he came out again to check our boy out. Though Buddy's color wasn't good, he was breathing easier and his heart beat was stronger. Clark said that we would wait till the morning to see how he was then. But all this was short lived when Buddy went down and could not get up any more though he was trying! What a Champion he was till the end. His heart wanted to go on but his body just couldn't any more.

He was from one of the last crops sired by Supreme Sultan and was bred by Roy and Judy Werner. He was foaled at Ruxer Farm in Jasper IN. His dam died not too long after birth and since no mare was available to take his mom's place...a goat was brought in to raise him. It is no wonder he had a few quirks and was quite different at times! We owned him for 15 years with his last show being at the age of 23... a winning one at the Mane Event show! He took Brooke to two Pleasure Equitation national finals, a World's Championship and countless ribbons with 9 years of showing together. He earned his CH status at the age of 18.

"Buddy" will be buried this morning here on the farm next to another equitation Champion, L A Blues, and other Champions buried here on the farm.

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