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Carson Kressley Promotes Saddlebreds on Nate Berkus Show

Carson Kressley will be appearing on an upcoming episode of The Nate Berkus Show. This appearance will be extra special for the Saddlebred community, as Carson and Nate will be on horseback! The North Wind Stables team brought two Saddlebreds, CH A Magic Surprise and CH Prince Of The Day, into the heart of New York! Always a great ambassador for the American Saddlebred, Kressley also promoted the Equestrian Life program that is being run by the UPHA, along with ASHA and AHHS. For those who have missed the promotional blitz for this fantastic program, Equestrian Life has put together a campaign called “Learn to Ride and Drive in Style.” This program is putting a Saddlebred and Hackney presence in millions of homes. Even more important than that, the Equestrian Life website,, has a coupon available for download for a free riding lesson at any of the approved stables around the country. The hope is that thousands of new people will be brought into Saddlebred and Hackney stables and their lesson programs through this effort.

For more information on the upcoming episode of The Nate Berkus Show, go to You can use the “Station Finder” on Nate’s website to find the time and channel to watch in your area! The show is set to air on September 21. Carson Kressley had this to say of his appearance on the show: "Our American Saddlebred gained a lot of new fans the day we taped the segment for the Nate Berkus show. Nate, the crew, and the audience all fell in love with our breed. Hopefully after the show airs, millions of Americans will also be won over by their charms. We owe a debt of gratitude to Nealia and Mark and Erin McCracken and Jason Molback from Northwind Farm in Blairstown NJ for volunteering their time (the day after they returned from Louisville - AND through a hurricane no less!) bringing these great ambassadors of the breed to New York City for the taping. CH A Magic Surprise and CH Prince of the Day could not have been better examples of our breed. They were presented beautifully and their manners were extraordinary! We also need to thank their owners Pat Johnson and Dr. Geraldine Meanor for lending us their horses for what may have seemed a bit of a crazy adventure. I would encourage everyone to make a donation to Saddlebred Rescue to honor these trainers, owners and horses who offered their time, talent and horses for the overall betterment of our breed.

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