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Calvin Hanson Honored By AMHA

Calvin Hanson of Big Oak Morgan Farm in Lunenburg, Ontario, Canada, recently was honored by the American Morgan Horse Association (AMHA) and Executive Director Fred Braden for his immense research contribution to the Morgan breed. The AMHA operates the American Morgan Horse Registry.

For seven years, Hanson computerized information from Volumes I through VII of the AMHA Registry Volumes and cross-referenced more than 30,000 previously unnumbered horses, so the foundation was fully documented and one can truly print a pedigree all the way back to Justin Morgan. In the process, Hanson made more than 6,000 new pedigree discoveries. He also has created a photo file using photographs from the Registry Volumes and private sources, which allows one to print out a pedigree with all the written information and photos of the horses in the pedigree. He has donated this research to the Association. In 1999, Hanson donated this research to AMHA and in 2001 AMHA produced a CD-Rom of the research f or public distribution called “The Calvin Hanson Project.” Braden presented Hanson a plaque displaying CD number one.

“We can’t thank Calvin enough for all that he has done for the Association,” Braden said. “This is just a small token of our appreciation and gratitude.”

Hanson began his show career in 1968 with Anneigh Two Step. Calvin’s father’s involvement as an AMHA director from 1973-1980 directly influenced his participation in the Morgan world.

Waseeka’s Serenade was the foundation of the Big Oak Morgan Farm breeding program, the offspring of which have won or produced regional, state, provincial, Grand National, and world champions. Although Hanson demonstrated exceptional horsemanship skills and ringmanship on the rail, judging in center ring has proven to be his home. Earning his USEF’s judge’s license at the age of 22, Hanson retired from judging after a 30-year career at last year’s Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show, held in Oklahoma City, but recently decided he missed it too much, and will once again be in the show ring in the near future. A published author, Hanson was awarded the 1999 AMHA Man of the Year Award.

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