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California Futurity Presents the Corn Dog Cup!

The California Futurity is proud to present the second annual Corn Dog Cup!

What is the Corn Dog Cup, you ask?
It’s a larger-than-life competition between barns comprised of six fun classes to be held during the California Futurity Horse Show. Each barn selects their very best to represent them as a team of four. Each team will compete in the six events, earning points for their team. The team with the most points wins the highly-coveted Corn Dog Cup!

Too many or too few?
Each team can have no more than four members, but there is no limit to the number of teams per barn. If you cannot scrounge up enough people from your own barn to make a team, just become an "honorary" barn mate of someone else’s stable! And don’t let the trainers wimp out! Members can be amateurs, professionals, juveniles, academy, people out of the stands…

Not a team player?
Although those on teams will probably earn the most points, individuals who just want to enter a class and have some fun are more than welcome. However, the tandem bareback and the four-person relay might pose a tiny problem.

Yes, seriously! In fact, we are so serious that each team must come up with a name, a mascot, and just think of the extra points you would get if your team had matching t-shirts! It’s unimaginable!

Direct any questions to Ashley Hallock at 619-517-6406 or .

The Corn Dog Cup Schedule of Events

The Costume Class (Friday Evening)
This class will be held in conjunction with the Cup’s Opening Ceremonies. All team members will be presented to the mobs of screaming fans that have traveled far and wide to see this historic event. Accompanying each team will be a horse, dressed to represent the team’s mascot. Judging for this class will be based on the creativity and amount of effort put into the horse’s costume. However, a small portion will be reserved to evaluate the team’s overall enthusiasm. In other words, now is the time to show your team spirit, come up with a super clever name, a super cool mascot, and wear those team t-shirts!!!

Pro/Am Class (Friday Evening)
Trainers and amateurs team-up for the Pro/Am class. In this class trainers and amateurs will share one horse with the trainer exhibiting the first way of the ring and the amateur exhibiting the second way of the ring. Each team may enter two horses with two trainer/amateur pairs. Horses will be judged at a walk, trot, and canter both ways of the ring with a break between directions for the change of rider. (Trainers don’t have to be permanent team members.)

Trainer Showcase (Friday Evening)
The Trainer Showcase highlights the various talents of the professionals, whether they are trainers, assistants, instructors, or grooms. For this class each trainer will complete a short obstacle course consisting of weaving through cones and racing around a barrel. The obstacles have been kept seemingly simple since this class is also a race! The trainer with the fastest time is the winner. Teams may enter up to four trainers to represent them and earn points towards their score. (So, trainers don’t have to be permanent team members.) In other words, start bribing trainers right away!

Australian Pursuit (Saturday Matinee)
Select your fastest trotting horse for this race! Riders will begin equally spaced on the rail at a flat walk. Our announcer will call the start of the race and everyone takes off at a trot. The object is to pass as many people as you can without breaking. Once you have been passed or if your horse breaks, you are eliminated. The rider who outlasts them all is the winner!

Wet and Wild Relay (Saturday Matinee)
For this relay, each team will share one horse and battle against other teams in a race to the finish. The relay will begin with all four teammates on one end of the arena. When the race begins the first rider will mount up and ride to the opposite end. They will then dismount, grab as many water balloons as they can, remount, and ride back. This process will continue with all four riders. The team with the fastest time is the winner. However, one point per full water balloon that has been carried back will be added to each team’s score, so the more you can carry the better. Oh, did I mention the balloons must be carried in the riders’ mouths?
(*Riders competing in classes soon after may want to consider wearing raingear/raincoat due to popping balloons)

Tandem Bareback (Saturday Matinee)
For this class two team members will double-up to ride bareback on a single horse. Each team may enter two horses with two pairs of riders. Horses will be judged at a walk, trot, and favorite gait both ways of the ring.

Please Note: With all classes, creativity, enthusiasm, and team spirit will be considered in the judging. Therefore, each team has the opportunity to go all out, be crazy, and win these classes no matter what riding level or type of horse they have. Seriously, as long as it’s safe and FUN, anything goes!

Also, since points are given not to just the ribbon winners, but also for participation, the more entries each team can muster, the higher the score!

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