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Bruschetta Returned

After showing and winning Thursday, June 27, at the Lawrenceburg Horse Show, the 2001 Harness Pony World’s Grand Champion Bruschetta was missing from her stall at Golden Creek Farms the next morning. After an extensive search and investigation she was not found. It was suspected that she was taken from the barn. A reward was offered and several announcements were made at the Lawrenceburg show.

On Sunday evening, June 30, Jeff and Mary McClean, along with trainer Tom Lowry, went out for a few hours and when Tom returned to his house on the farm around 11:30 p.m. Bruschetta was by the house with her halter missing, but her tail set on and in perfect order. She had a cut on her chest and another place on her back foot but other than that was in relatively good order. “She was very thirsty but glad to be back home,” said Mary Gaylord McClean. “I am so thankful that she was returned. We still don’t know what happened or how she got back, we’re just glad it’s over and she’s safe.”

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