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Brian and Susan Reimer Inducted Into Southeastern Charity Hall of Fame

Editor’s Note: The following speech was read Wednesday evening, Sept. 21 by George Ann Nash at the Southeastern Charity Horse Show.

It is indeed a pleasure to welcome one of the most popular and deserving couples in the Saddlebred industry as our 2005 inductees into the Southeastern Charity Horse Show Hall of Fame. Their love of horses began very early in life…­ hers as a 12-year-old in South Florida with her first horse, Thunder, and his as a 13-year-old in Columbia City, Ind., with his first horse, Smokey ­ who, by his own account, was the “greatest 4-H horse of all times” with over nine 4-H titles ranging from jumping to racking! She spent all her spare time after school working at the barn and after graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in mathematics, she started training Morgans and Saddlebreds at her own barn. Meanwhile, he continued to ride any neighborhood pony that he could capture and even trained Hackney ponies at his grandfather’s barn as a young teenager. From the time he was 14-years-old, he spent every moment after school and all summer working for Bennybrook Farms with trainer, Al Todd, and according to his mother, was never home except to eat and sleep! She, in the meantime, sold one of her favorite horses, Betty Hart, and opened a restaurant in South Florida (which explains why she is such a wonderful cook) and yet continued to train horses in her “spare time.”

In 1976, and fresh out of high school, he moved with head trainer, Al Todd, to Myrt Canaday¹s Pal-O-Mine Farm in Williamson, Ga., as the assistant trainer. After Al’s untimely death, he worked there under the legendary Marty Mueller until he took over at Pal-O-Mine as head trainer. But fate brought a very special lady to Georgia and the rest is history! Stopping off at the Pro-Am Horse Show on the way to a new horse job in West Virginia, she instead took a job at Pal-O-Mine and soon they were an “item.” In 1987 they ventured off to start their own stables at Bill Martin’s Hide-A-Way Farms in College Park, Ga., and were married in December 1988. But their “very best accomplishment” was a beautiful baby girl named Shelby Lynn born in May 1991, and her talent in and out of the show ring is remarkable!

In 1994 with the prodding of good friends and customers, Paula and Cliff Miller, they purchased their wonderful farm in Turin, Ga., where they operate a first class training and breeding operation. Some of their great horses and riders include Jamie Hammock and WC I’m Sultana, Christie Fletcher, Shannon Sewell, Cindy Lane O’Neal, Cindy Chandler Hannah, Dating Game, Royal Reverie, Supreme Reward, WGC Roselawn’s Secret Rhythm, Moe Money, King Joshua, RWC Precisely, WC Supreme Ruler, RWC Supreme Summer and WC Town Fantasy with Shelby Reimer and breeding stallion, Don’t Worry, and countless others.

Always friendly and never too busy to lend a helping hand ­ they are the perfect compliment to one another. She is a wonderful mother, teacher/trainer, and bookkeeper with perfect entries and he is a terrific family man and “energizer bunny” trainer who loves to whistle while he feeds in the morning. Please welcome to Center Ring for his 29th consecutive year at the Southeastern Charity Horse Show and the best exhibitors in the world

Susan and Brian Reimer!

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