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Brennan Baumer Dies

In what has been a tragic year for the family, Brennan Baumer of Metairie, La., died Wednesday in Louisville, Ky. She was 48. Baumer was taking part in a camp at Premier Stables in Simpsonville this past weekend when she suddenly slumped and slid off her horse.

Emergency medical personal rushed to the scene where she was already being given CPR by Charlotte Kurtz who was also attending the camp. According to family friend Margaret Cordes, doctors determined Baumer had actually died of sudden cardiac death while on the horse. At this time it is unknown why her heart suddenly stopped.

Doctors also determined Baumer had diabetes, which had never been diagnosed and it was reported that her family had a history of heart problems and diabetes.

Baumer had been involved with horses in her early years and was then away from the industry for some time. She again got involved a while back and most recently the world’s champion park horse Another Bay was the love of her life. Another Bay was shown by both herself and trainer John Biggins.

Baumer’s death was another tragic event for the family this year. Just a few months ago there was so much joy in the family as her son Pepper won the Juvenile Five-Gaited Pleasure World’s Championship with Rock The Jukebox. Shortly after Louisville Rock The Jukebox died.

Services for Baumer will be held this Monday in Louisiana. In addition to her son Pepper, she is survived by her mother, Dottie Brennan, and brothers Bradford and Daly.

“She died in the saddle with her boots on. She was chosen to go that way,” said her mother.

More details will be published as they become available.

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