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Breeding Season is Here, Don’t Miss Out on ASR First Time Breeder Promotion Program

The American Saddlebred Registry (ASR) with breeding season picking up reminds everyone that the great breeding incentive  First Time Breeder Program is back for 2020. This program targets mare owners or lessees who are first time breeders during the 2020 breeding season. The program was last offered in 2018, to much success.  2018 First Time Breeder participant testimonials are available on our First Time Breeder Program page.

The American Saddlebred Registry (ASR) is committed to ideas that will stimulate an increased interest in breeding by reaching out to prospective new breeders. The ASR First Time Breeder Program is for mare owners or lessees, who will be first time breeders during the 2020 breeding season. A first time breeder is someone who has not been listed as a breeder of any horse in ASR records; either as an individual or as an owner of a farm, partnership, corporation, or an LLC before December 31, 2020.

Each first time breeder may receive one free stallion service to one of the 18 stallions enrolled. The stallion owners have generously donated one complimentary breeding to a first time breeder for the 2020 breeding season. Shipping and collection fees may apply. Mare owners or lessees must contact the stallion owner or agent for approval of their mare.

Download a complete list of stallions along with the names of their owners or agents and their contact information.

Stallion owners or agents must contact ASR for first time breeder verification before a mare is bred, and submit the name of the mare and the name of the owner or lessee to ASR by December 31, 2020. Upon first time breeder verification, the ASR will waive the registration fee of $45.00 for the resulting foal, if the application for registration is submitted to the ASR within six months of foaling. The first time breeder must be an ASHA member, and will be responsible for any other fees pertaining to registration. First time breeders are encouraged to contact stallion owners before the start of the 2020 breeding season.

The American Saddlebred Registry’s mission is to guarantee the purity of the breed through the establishment, maintenance and publication of an accurate register for the recording of pedigrees and the transfers of ownership of the American Saddlebred Horse. The Registry shall, in addition, administer the recognition and prize programs associated with the breed.

For more information on this program, contact:

Lisa Duncan, Registrar

American Saddlebred Registry
4083 Iron Works Parkway
Lexington, KY 40511

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