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Bobbin Hollow Equestrian Center is Going Green!

Naples, FL - Bobbin Hollow Equestrian Center is proud to announce the results of a year-long bio-environmental project to completely transform the elite Naples-based equestrian facility into a green friendly environment. The project not only effectively eradicated contamination from the property’s land, water, and food supply that exists due to the overuse of chemical fertilizers in the Naples area, but also produced an environmentally sound and healthy environment that benefits the horses, staff, visitors and plant life at the Equestrian Center. An additional outcome of this program has been the creation of an amazing organic bio-mulch, which the center has future plans to sell to the public.

"When we started the process, we were primarily concerned with improving the quality of our horses coats and digestive systems," states Lark Rene’ Henry, Manager and trainer. "With the help of an international environmental consultant, were able to expand the green circle beyond the grounds of Bobbin Hollow by producing the special bio-mulch that our clients are using to improve their personal landscaping."

The process begins with a sweet smelling organic solution full of vitamins and herbs that prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. The organic solution, which has beneficial properties for humans, animals and plants, is placed in the horse feed, and can also be mixed into a solution that is sprayed on the grounds and in the barn. This solution produces an environmental balance or anti-oxidant condition within the horses, the barn, and the grounds of Bobbin Hollow.

This solution effectively restores a natural balance in the horse’s digestive system by removing harmful bacteria. This has many systemic advantages including weight control, increased energy, and improved coat appearance. The manure from this natural digestive process is then collected and put into a fermentation process where proper microorganisms are encouraged to thrive. During this process, contaminating factors are removed and only the beneficial natural elements remain. After four weeks of fermentation and two weeks of rest, the final product is a natural living product that is used as an excellent and energetic soil amendment referred to as bio-mulch. This bio-mulch enhances the look, vitality and quality of the property by removing chemicals left over from other fertilizers used in the surrounding area. This process effective eliminates ground water contamination.

The benefits of utilizing this process are numerous to include removing many of the flies, mosquitoes, and spiders from the property, as well as improving the quality of the plant life on the grounds. The bio-mulch will also improve the quality of plant life by improving the vitality of the soil.

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