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Bluegrass Futurity Hunter Classic

The purpose of The Bluegrass Futurity Hunter Classic is to promote the versatility of the American Saddlebred and increase the marketing of “less showy” performance horses. 

This class is open only to Registered American Saddlebred horses that are competing during their first or second competition years as Hunter Country Pleasure horses, according to the records of the American Saddlebred Horse Association. Horses in this class may be shown by a professional, amateur or junior exhibitor. To be shown at a walk, trot, extended trot, canter and hand gallop both ways of the ring. For safety reasons, judge may limit the number of horses required to hand gallop at one time. Entries must be asked both ways of the ring to halt and stand quietly on the rail. To be judged on suitability as a Hunter, manners, performance, quality and conformation. In the line, horses must stand quietly with all four legs perpendicular to the ground. Horse shall be required to back readily in the line.

A non-refundable eligibility fee of $150 paid to THE BLUEGRASS FUTURITY postmarked on or before Sept 15 of each year. After Sept 15, the eligibility fee becomes $250 per horse. Payment of the eligibility fee will be made payable to THE BLUEGRASS FUTURITY in the name of the entered horse and will make that animal eligible to compete in THE BLUEGRASS FUTURITY HUNTER CLASSIC at The Kentucky Fall Classic Horse Show. Eligibility remains with the animal throughout the year should transfer of ownership occur. Eligibility Fees collected will be used as prize money in THE BLUEGRASS FUTURITY HUNTER CLASSIC.  An entry fee of $50 is due upon entering class at The Kentucky Fall Classic.  All entry fees are added to the total purse of the class.

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