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Blue Willow to air on Fox and Friends

Not resting on her laurels, 2018 UPHA Sallie B. Wheeler Distinguished Service honoree Julie Kaufman and her longtime instructor Andrea Steponaitis are at it again. They recently took an American Saddlebred and a Morgan to the local Daisy Hill Senior Living facility to bring some joy to its residents, even if it was from their windows. This act of kindness went viral and the people at Fox and Friends contacted Kaufman about doing a segment, which will air Sunday, April 19 between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. (Eastern). We will update this if their time slot is narrowed down. The interview will happen via Skype.

Kaufman’s Blue Willow Farm has a long history of exposing the American Saddlebred and Morgan Horse to the general public. The Saddlebred who went on this trip is “Reggie,” who was actually honored as an Official Diplomat by the American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA). Officially Rocky Mountain Memories, Reggie has done several stints with the Meet & Greet at the Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show in addition to BreyerFest, pony rides at the Lexington Junior League Horse Show, and the Fayette Fest.
The Morgan mare named “Grace” was recently rescued and placed with Blue Willow where she will have a wonderful home. “We haven’t given any lessons on her or anything yet as we just got her, but she is the sweetest mare ever,” said Kaufman.

R.H. Bennett’s Richfield Video just interviewed Kaufman where she put out a challenge to put a couple of horses on the trailer and visit your local assisted living facilities. Bennett added to it by saying he would do an interview on anyone who took Kaufman’s challenge.

“We have two others booked that are coming up,” said Kaufman. “The next one will be the Legacy Reserve. This brings so much joy when they can really use it."


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