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Blevins Family Weathers Tragedy

Georgia and Dr. T.J. Blevins of Bowling Green, Ky., just went through a horrific week, yet still have their chins up finding a bright side to it all.


It began a few days before the start of the Kentucky Spring Premier when a 20-year-old man who was trying to rob him at his place of business shot their son Chris. The first bullet sailed by his nose and then two others struck him in the shoulder and arm. Luckily a school bus was pulling up outside so the attacker and his 14-year-old female accomplice took off. The school bus driver came inside to aid Chris and thankfully he is going to be okay.


With the assistance of Sheriff “Peanut” Gaines and other law enforcement agencies, the alleged attacker was apprehended in Indiana and brought back to Bowling Green.


After knowing their son was going to be fine, Georgia and Dr. Blevins did go to Kentucky Spring Premier where she was twice a star with their new road pony Lamborghini.


“We’re not going to let some thug stop our lives. This is what we enjoy doing,” said Dr. Blevins.


After getting some joy out of what had been an extremely frightening week, it again turned bad. After returning to Bowling Green they were visiting with Chris on Sunday evening. When they arrived back at their own house that evening black smoke was coming from the house. The family’s pet poodle was trapped inside and the smoke was too thick to rescue her or any of the belongings.


“Losing our dog was hard, but other than that we’ll be fine,” said Dr. Blevins. “We are going to rebuild and we’ll be better than ever. Chris is alive and everyone else is okay so we’re going to make it.”


“Dad’s first thought was, ‘I don’t have any clothes to wear to work tomorrow.’ I don’t know how they do it, they’re both pretty amazing,” added their daughter Mia Morris.


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