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Bizarre Accident Mars Tuesday Evening At Lexington

Almost through a nice evening of showing with unusually pleasant weather, Lexington Junior League’s Junior Three-Gaited Over 15.2 class produced one of the most bizarre show ring accidents anyone can remember. When it was all said and done, everyone involved was extremely lucky there weren’t any serious injuries.


The class was over and horses had retired to the in-gate end of the ring waiting the tabulation of the results. Before the winners were announced Our Axel Rose, who was ridden by Neil Visser, went over the low wall on the grandstand side and landed at the small ringside announcer’s stand. Losing Visser in the doorway, the stallion entered the building that housed announcer Peter Doubleday and a couple of Junior League volunteers.


The ensuing chaos was unbelievable. However, many horsemen were right on top of the situation. Doubleday escaped unharmed, and the Junior League ladies were pulled from the building through the windows. Miraculously there were no serious injuries. Paramedics did take at least one person to the hospital.


Dr. Scott Bennett quickly sedated Our Axel Rose who had obviously been thrashing. Parts of the building were cut and pulled apart in order to get the horse out. After much work he was pulled from the building onto the track outside of the ring.


Members of the show and Red Mile staff encircled the horse with a large white tarp as veterinarians and horsemen continued to work on him while a stunned audience looked on. After a while they got the young stallion to his feet and slowly led him down the track to the barn.


After order was restored, the remaining two classes (Amateur Road Pony and Five-Gaited Mares) were held.


As of Wednesday morning, it is reported that one of the Junior League volunteers suffered a broken ankle; the other has a broken nose. The horse is doing alright.

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