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Big D Charity Visits Texas Scottish Rite Hospital

On March 26, 2019 Big D Charity Horse Show brought a horse to visit the children at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital. 

With shouts of "Oh boy wow!" the children from the hospital made their way over to meet "Cobie" the Friesian horse. Thank you to IFSHA member and trainer Mark McGowan, President of the Lone Star Friesians Horse Club, and Tom Pollard professional rider, accompanied "Cobie", a Friesian gelding owned by Debra Corson for sharing their time and talent with the young patients of the hospital. Cobie charmed his way into the hearts of the children with his gentle spirit and natural curiosity for children. Delighting the children with whinny's and soft warm nuzzles the children laughed and talked excitedly about the big black horse. Peppermints, carrots and children made "Cobies" day. 
Big D Charity Horse Show April 25-28, 2019 benefits Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children as well as the horse show. For the last 14 years Big D Charity Horse Show has given up to $141,500.00 in donations to benefit the children. 

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, located in Dallas, is a pediatric hospital specializing in the treatment of orthopedic conditions and sports injuries, as well as certain related arthritic and neurological disorders and learning disorders, such as dyslexia.

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