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Big D Charity Horse Show Hosts A Weekend Clinic With Mitch Clark

In an effort to give back to the saddlebred community, Big D Charity Horse Show hosted a clinic with Mitch Clark January 21-22, 2015.  Clark critiqued, encouraged and entertained riders, instructors and trainers at Mill-Again Stables in Plano, TX. He was presented with a variety of horses and riders from five-gaited junior exhibitor to an exceptional rider and was encouraging to all along the journey they are on with their horses.  The relaxed pace of the sessions meant the participants were given all the time Clark needed to work on what ever issues he identified so they would be ready in two weeks for the first horse show of the season.  This was the first clinic Big D has hosted and hopefully a start of a springtime tradition.

Mitch Clark with Candee Carlson, Erin Kilray and Ashley Walker of Mill-Again Stables, also, Big D board members Tracey Hall, Allison Simpson and Nancy Lassiter, after the Big D hosted clinic.

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