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ASR Sweepstakes total payout increases by 14 percent to $139,434

Editor’s Note: The following is reprinted from the ASHA


Lexington, Kentucky ­– The American Saddlebred Registry Sweepstakes, held during the All American Horse Classic in Indianapolis September 6-10, had a 14 percent increase in its total payout from 2004 to 2005.


The 2005 total payout was $139,434 compared to $122,353 one year before. 


The biggest increase came in the two-year-old division, which paid winners $38,629 for a 74 percent increase from the previous year’s total of $22,155.  The $38,629 paid in the two-year-old division is the most since at least 1995.


Alan F. Balch, registrar, said increased involvement the program is wonderful news for the breed.


“Seeing a jump like this in the payouts only means more people are participating in the program and that more people are more interested in showing their Saddlebreds for top prizes,” Balch said.  “Having such an impressive payout in the two-year-old division is promising for the future of the breed.”


Another significant increase came in the four-year-old division.  The payout in the four-year-old division for this year was $30,376 for a 34 percent increase from the previous year’s total of $22,629.  The 2005 four-year-old payout is the highest since 1999.


The three-year-old division continues to be the mainstay of the Sweepstakes program by awarding $70,428.


The person that is the recorded owner at the time of the competition will receive half of the purse; the person that was the owner of record at the time each nomination payment was made will receive equal shares of the remaining half of the purse.


The Sweepstakes program has awarded more than $3.3 million since its inception. 


The Sweepstakes program is designed to perpetuate the breeding, training and showing of the American Saddlebred horse. Entries in the Sweepstakes compete in the following classes: three-gaited, five-gaited, fine harness, and three-gaited park pleasure. Classes are conducted under the rules of U.S. Equestrian Federation.


General rules and other information about the ASR Sweepstakes can be found by clicking here or going to


The 2005 winners are:


Class – Horse – Money Won – Owner – Rider/Driver


Two-Year-Old Fine Harness – Catalyst’s Work Of Art – $3,862.94 – Judith J. Grimm – James Lowry


Two-Year-Old Three-Gaited – Simbara’s Bountiful – $3,862.94 – Dr. and Mrs. Simon Fredricks – Carter Cox


Two-Year-Old Park Pleasure – Callaway’s Happy Endings – $3,862.94 – Barbara Molland or Alan Raun D.V.M. – Louie Louw


Two-Year-Old Five-Gaited – Sensational Charm – $3,862.94 – Gayle Lampe – Dena Lopez


Three-Year-Old Park Pleasure – My One Night Stand – $7,042.78 – Lynda T. Norman – Todd Miles


Three-Year-Old Fine Harness – Surfer Boy – $7,042.78 – Georgia Herpin Baker – George Knight


Three-Year-Old Five-Gaited – Callaway’s Winning Ways – $7,413.45 – Todd Graham – Todd Graham


Three-Year-Old Three-Gaited – Bluegrass Jazz – $10,061.12 – Kristen or Richard Koenig Jr.  – Stephanie Sedlacko


Four-Year-Old Park Pleasure – Tommy James – $3,037.63 – Debra Mulberry – Carol Matton


Four-Year-Old Fine Harness – Sugar Pine – $3,037.63 – Mary McLellan Williams – Carter Cox


Four-Year-Old Five-Gaited – The Light O’ Love – $3,037.63 – A.E. Nelson – Martin Teater


Four-Year-Old Three-Gaited – Strawberry Pie – $3,037.63 – Christy B. Weaver – Danette Musselman


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