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ASR Sweepstakes Information and Updates

The ASR Sweepstakes Committee is pleased to announce that the 2021, 2022 and 2023 ASR Three-Year-Old Sweepstakes classes will be held at the All American Horse Classic Horse Show (AAHC) in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Based on the results from the recent survey asking participants and members to vote on a show location for these classes, over 80% voted for the All American Horse Classic.  

Statements from AAHC

“Thank you to the ASR Sweepstakes Committee for their confidence in the AAHC; and thank you to the many breeders, exhibitors and trainers for their public vote of support. The Three-Year-Old Sweepstakes is the Crown Jewel of our breeding classes. I cannot imagine the AAHC without the Three-Year-Old Sweepstakes, I am truly grateful,” stated Dawn Kendrick, AAHC Show Chairperson.

“The All American Horse Classic (AAHC) is excited to be designated as the host show for the 2021, 2022, and 2023 ASR Sweepstakes Three-Year-Old classes. The opportunity to continue our long relationship with the Sweepstakes provides a foundation insuring the outstanding young horses of the breed will perform at the AAHC.  The Indiana State Fairgrounds and the City of Indianapolis are both ideal for the Sweepstakes classes.

The newly renovated ISF Coliseum is a favorite venue for ASB exhibitors. The City of Indianapolis provides an abundance of outstanding dining and shopping opportunities.  The AAHC is pleased to announce added prize money for the 2021-2023 classes. Recognizing the importance of the Sweepstakes program to the AAHC, a group of ASB enthusiasts came forward to guarantee added money.  A total of $20,000 per year will be provided for a total of $60,000.  We look forward to assisting the Registry and Sweepstakes Committee in promoting the program to the ASHA membership. Breeders, owners and trainers need to be aware of and take advantage of the opportunities the program provides,” stated Steve Kildow, AAHC Show Manager.

Nomination/Payment Deadline, Nomination Forms, 2019 Show Locations

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to win big with the Sweepstakes program.  The payment and nomination deadline for the ASR Three-Year-Old and Four-Year-Old Sweepstakes is Friday, March 1, 2019. 

Payments for previously nominated horses, as well as new nominations for yearlings (2018 foals) to the Three-Year-Old Sweepstakes and three-year-olds (2016 foals) to the Four-Year-Old Sweepstakes, must be postmarked and mailed to the ASHA/ASR office, faxed to 859-259-1628, or emailed to on or before March 1. There will be no grace period. 

The 2019 Two-Year-Old Sweepstakes classes will be held at the ASHAV Horse Show in Lexington, Virginia.  The 2019 Three-Year-Old Sweepstakes classes will be held at the All American Horse Classic in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the 2019 Four-Year-Old Sweepstakes classes will be held at the World’s Championship Horse Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

For more information on ASR Prize Programs, contact Patricia Edwards at 859-259-3899 or

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