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ASHBA is Proud to Reveal World Champion Saddlebred 'Marc Of Charm' Selected As Breyer® Horse

The American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association (ASHBA) is thrilled to share the release of the Breyer Model Horse of 2015 World’s Grand Champion Marc Of Charm as the next American Saddlebred to be represented in the Breyer Model Horse Traditional model line.
“It is an honor to see the legacy of the American Saddlebred with the world renowned and celebrated Breyer Model Horse will continue through this superb representation of March Of Charm,” said David Mount, ASHBA Executive Director. “We were grateful to work with Breyer these past few years to present candidates and work with horse management teams like Riverdreams LLC and Monnington to share more about the incredible accomplishments and personalities behind the horses. Marc has been a fantastic ambassador of our breed in and out of the show ring and sharing his captivating beauty and charming charisma through this Breyer Model will help more people learn about and fall in love with the American Saddlebred.”
Owned by Gary and Carolyn Koch of Riverdreams, LLC in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and trained and shown by Lionel Ferreira of Monnington Farm in Simpsonville, Kentucky, beloved Saddlebred Champion Marc of Charm, 'The People's Horse', has been announced as part of the Breyer Series.
"To say that we are thrilled to be the latest Horse of the Year member of the Breyer stable of model horses is an understatement," states Carolyn Koch. "For our beloved champion to be immortalized as a Breyer model and represent the American Saddlebred is an incredible honor." She adds, "This is a dream come true for all of us, and we look forward to sharing the beauty and majesty that is Marc of Charm with Breyer fans and collectors worldwide."
Marc of Charm's story is indeed one that has the elements of a dream come true for all of his connections. He was one of the first Saddlebreds Carolyn Koch, a noted breeder of champion Pug Dogs, purchased after seeing him as a weanling in a field and thought he was beautiful. Then when Marc was just two years old, a young horse trainer named Lionel Ferreira saw the colt and knew in his heart he would be an exceptional horse. Those two events converged to forge a truly unique bond between Marc, his owner, and his trainer.
When Marc was just three years old, he and Lionel won the Lexington Junior League 3-year-old Five-Gaited Championship. That victory was only the first of many championship titles, blue ribbons, and red roses that the pair would go on to win together. During his final show ring performance in August 2015, Marc won the Five-Gaited World Grand Championship at the Kentucky State Fair World's Grand Championship Horse Show in Louisville, Kentucky. "For the American Saddlebred, winning the Five-Gaited World's Grand Championship is the pinnacle of a horse's career," says Georgia Bulmer Ferreira, Lionel's wife. "On his way to winning that title, Marc became known as the 'people's horse' in our breed because it took a few years for him to win. Every time he didn't win, he got even more affection from the crowd. When he finally won, the crowd support was thrilling!"
Since Marc’s retirement to stud at Monnington in 2015, he has produced 112 registered get, including 26 world champions and 74 horses who have earned first through eighth Louisville ribbon winners, as well as numerous other accolades. In addition to sharing their sire's skills and talents, many of Marc of Charm's offspring have inherited his mild-mannered temperament and beautiful coloring. "It doesn't matter what division Marc's babies are shown in. They are all very willing and able to be trained, and they enjoy a lot of success in the show ring," states Georgia Ferreira.
These days, Marc enjoys the good life at Monnington Farm under the careful supervision of Lionel and his breeding manager, Katey Smith. Marc enjoys getting scratches on his withers and drinking orange-flavored sports drinks when he's not visiting the breeding shed or making special appearances at children's events. Visitors to see Marc and tour Monnington Farm are always welcome, and please phone (502) 722-8738 to schedule a visit.
Purchase Marc of Charm's Breyer Horse here.

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