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ASHBA Launches Giddy Up & Give Campaign

Dear ASHBA Member:

Today we are facing challenges that require a team effort from all of us. We need to make our shows bigger, stronger and financially stable. We need to save and care for horses in need. We want to provide financial help to kids pursuing equine studies.

But it might surprise you to know that only 1% of our membership currently donate to the ASHBA. These same people sponsor our programs and events. For the first time, we are working to engage our membership in an expansive and inclusive giving campaign. 

Membership dues cover daily operating expenses, but not the great programs our members want and deserve. We need your financial support to continue to operate and expand the promotion of our beloved Saddlebreds!

In order to enable all of us to help, our new Development Committee is launching a fundraising campaign. It’s called “Giddy Up and Give.”

Our goal is a simple one. We want 100% participation from our membership. To be a part of this great effort, all you have to do is donate $25 or more. If you’re an ASHBA member, I know we can count on you.

We’re all united in our love for the American Saddlebred. Here’s an opportunity for all of us to show it.

Giddy Up & Give!

Thank you.

David Mount, ASHA Executive Director

For direct communications about contributing contact: 

Britney Gavenonis
ASHBA Development Director
TEXT TO GIVE: 859-217-4677

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