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ASHA Youth Events Planned for the World's Championship Horse Show

The ASHA’s Youth Committee has planned many exciting events this year for junior exhibitors, including Barn Bingo, Golf Cart Decorating Contest, Junior Judging, and a new Cash Cart Competition. Great prizes will be awarded for all of these events: details appear below:

? AMERICAN SADDLEBRED BINGO Dates: Monday August 18 - Friday August 22. Who can participate: Any youth 17 and under. Obtain an American Saddlebred Bingo card from the Saddlebred Center and visit different barns, vendors and "Saddlebred Celebrities" for stickers and complete a BINGO. There will be a different card each day. The first youth to complete a BINGO each day and turn it in at the Saddlebred Center will receive a prize. All youth who complete a BINGO will be entered in a drawing for a gift basket. A different gift basket will be given away each day.

? GOLF CART DECORATING CONTEST Dates: Sunday August 17-Thursday August 21 Who can participate: Any youth age 10 & Under or 11-17 (2 age divisions) Judging will take place on Thursday afternoon. A $20 entry fee is required and all proceeds go towards the ASHA Youth Scholarships. There are ten different categories to enter and prizes awarded to the winners in each category. To receive an entry form, e-mail Germaine Johnson at or Brenda Newell at

? JUNIOR JUDGING - Sponsored by USEF, R.E. Fennell Co., and Andrea Hartmeyer Johns Dates: Tuesday August 19 at 9am and Friday August 22 at 9am Who can participate: Any youth ages 13 & Under or 14-17 (2 age divisions) Meet in the Saddlebred Center at 8:30am or join us in the upper level section after the morning session begins. You will receive your judging packet when you arrive to Junior Judge. There will be a presentation in center ring on Friday evening. A full show bridle donated by R.E. Fennell Co. is awarded to First place in the 13 & Under age group and a print by renowned artist Andrea Hartmeyer Johns will be awarded to First place in the 14-17 age division. USEF will award gift cards to the American Saddlebred Museum Gift Shop to winners 1st-8th place in both age divisions.

? ASHA CASH CART Dates: Monday August 18 - Friday August 22 Who can participate: Any youth ages 17 & Under Have you ever seen the game show "Cash Cab"? Well this is the ASHA version called ASHA Cash Cart. The money decorated cart will be traveling around the show grounds and may stop you to play. You will have to answer 5 questions in the categories of Saddlebred Celebrities, Equine and World’s Championship Horse Show. You will be awarded cash for each question you answer correctly in a certain amount of time. Be on the lookout for the CASH CART!!

? ASHA BARN DECORATING CONTEST Dates: Sunday August 17 - Wednesday August 20 Who can participate: Any Barn with 5 and under horses and any barn with more than 5 horses. (2 barn sizes) We will be judging the outside appearance of the barn on Wednesday afternoon. There are several different categories to enter. Categories: Best Floral Design, Best Water Feature, Best Equine feature/decoration, Best Lounge Area for Customer, Most Tidy Tack Room. Entry fees are $25 and all proceeds will go towards the ASHA Youth Scholarship Fund. A prize will be awarded to the winners.

? COLORING CONTEST Dates: Monday, August 18-Thursday, August 21 Who can participate: any youth ages 17 & Under Pick up a Sprinkles coloring poster at the ASHA booth in the North Wing and return your work of art to Brenda Newell and Germaine Johnson for judging. Judging will take place Thursday afternoon. A autographed Sprinkles Breyer model will be awarded to the winners in the 13 and Under and 14-17 age divisions.

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