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ASHA Votes On Frozen Semen

Lexington, Kentucky -­ The ASHA board of directors formally voted to relax previous restrictions on the use of frozen semen collected from an American Saddlebred stallion that has died or been castrated. The rule reconsidered appears in the Rules and Regulations of the American Saddlebred Registry, Section III [Registration], J [Transported Semen], 3.  

Effective March 4, 2005, all restrictions on the use of such frozen semen will be eliminated.  Henceforth, frozen semen collected from any American Saddlebred stallion that has died or been castrated may be utilized in breeding, provided that all other terms and conditions applicable to registration are met.

The vote took place Saturday afternoon, February 19, 2005.

ASHA President Fred added clarification to the ruling.

Originally, in 1995, the Association passed a rule that only allowed the use of such semen for a period of three years after the calendar year in which a stallion died or was castrated.  Later, the Association revisited this rule, and extended that same three-year limitation until this year, when it was to be examined once again Sarver said. The Breeders Committee considered it, and upon that recommendation, the board acted to remove the restriction.  We feel we've had the time and experience now to be able to see that eliminating the restriction is in the best overall interest of the breed and of the breeders themselves.

Any questions on this matter should be referred to Sr. Registry Supervisor Petra Green at (859) 259-2742.

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