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ASHA Reminds Professionals of USEF Drugs & Medication Guidelines Update

ASHA Reminds Professionals of USEF Drugs & Medication Guidelines Update

With the World’s Championship Horse Show approaching, the ASHA would like to remind our professionals and the show horse community of the June 2019 update to the USEF Drugs & Medication Guidelines. This update will provide improved safety and welfare management of horses for shipping and clipping prior to USEF competitions. It is because of recent advancements in technology that these updated guidelines for the administration of medication to horses prior to competition are possible. 

Effective June 2019 due to continued research and experience, the USEF Drugs & Medication Guidelines regarding detomidine (brand name: Dormosedan) were updated.  The new guideline is provided below, and we strongly recommend that our members consult page 10 of the USEF Drugs and Medications Guidelines and their veterinarian for guidance in following these guidelines. The significant aspect of this update to recognize is that the advancements in technology have allowed for the administration time for the USEF defined dose was updated from 7 days prior to competition to 48 hours.

USEF Updated Drugs & Medication Guideline: 
detomidine (Dormosedan®) (48 hours) The 48 hour detection time is dose dependent, which means administering this drug in excess of a single intravenous dose (20 μg/kg, or 0.9 mg/100lb) can increase the potential for a positive finding. Detomidine is a sedative and the penalties for detections can involve significant fines and suspensions. GR411 does not apply for non-therapeutic uses of this drug, and a medication report form should not be filed if used nontherapeutically more than 48 hours prior to competition. *Please consult your veterinarian for guidance in following the above dosing recommendation. 

Click here for full USEF Drugs & Medication Guidelines

This past spring, Chief Administrator of the Drugs & Medication Program Dr. Stephen Schumacher worked with ASHA leadership, the Joint Leadership Council, USEF committee members Dr. Hugh Behling and Bret Day, and guests Nelson Green and Larry Hodge. This collaboration worked to match the new advancements in technology with the needs of our members for the safety and welfare management of our horses at USEF competitions.

These advancements in technology have created new opportunities to amend recommended practices to increase the well-being of our equine partners and athletes. The recent amendments will help veterinarians, in their role as guardians of the horse, to assist their clients in responsible management of their horses when competing under USEF rules and regulations.

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